3 Great Ways To Re-Engage With Your Customers

3 Great Ways To Re-Engage With Your Customers image

Whether you are a small shop on the high street, a business your run from home or SME there are some fundamental principles that along with some of today’s tech gives you more scope to engage with your customers on a day to day basis.

Put simply a customer has a worth to your business not just the first time around but many more times. If you embrace the methods here you will undoubtedly gain more sales and offer a lifetime shopping experience to your customer.

1. Build your customer email list.

By building a customer list you can create a database of customers that you can tap into on a month to month basis. If you are an online business make sure you are collecting email addresses and ask the customer to opt into the list from within the website.

A great place to create this email opt in is within your payments page. A customer in buying mode is far more likely to enter their address when on this page as order fulfilment communication is mandatory.

If you do collect this information at this stage then look to update your database and maximise your marketing potential with a monthly email sales offer. If you are a high street business then try to capture email addresses at point of purchase. Some people will decline but others will happily opt into your database.

2. Build your customer SMS list.

Collecting mobile phone numbers in the same way as described above. Once you have your opted in SMS list you should look to send offers out without bombarding the customer. Send out promotions, offer codes and more especially for when business is quiet. The uptake and call to action can be powerful.

I recently visited a hotel where I mentioned to the hotel owner that I could log on to their wifi without submitting my email address. This is clearly an opportunity missed with hundreds of guest visitors on a weekly basis.

Each weekend they have two weddings each spanning an average of 800 non staying visitors – all using the wifi connection to post to Facebook and Twitter. By having a simple sign up and a social like to access wifi the owner would very quickly build a marketing list.

3. Target new customers through Facebook and other social media platforms.

By using Facebook ads you can stipulate many things about who you want your ads to show to. Geographic location, age demographics, male or female population and interests being more powerful than ever. Take for example a golf course owner want to promote and attract new customers. By selecting the right demographics together with hobby / interests in the local area the golf club owner is able to directly target the individuals within close proximity to the club who are interested in golf, golf tournaments, golf brands and so on. Drive new customers to your Facebook page, give them an offer to click through to the website and convert them into customers not forgetting to capture their email and SMS data when they opt in and you will maximise your marketing budget.

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