5 year old receives Council fine for her pop-up lemonade stand

5 year old receives Council fine for her pop-up lemonade stand image

A 5-year-old entrepreneur who set up a lemonade stand on a busy street received a £150 fine from London Borough of Tower Hamlets.  She had set up her lemonade stall in a busy location in Mile End, East London for festival goers who were heading to the Lovebox Festival for the weekend.

Four enforcement officers who walked over turned on their cameras and read from their long script which explained that she was trading without a license.

The officer’s then issued the girl’s father Professor Andre Spicer a fixed penalty notice of £150.

“She just wanted to put a smile on people’s faces. She was really proud of herself,” said Professor Spicer who was clearly shocked.

My daughter clung to me screaming ‘daddy, daddy, I’ve done a bad thing.’

They packed up the little table and left for home clearly devastated by the event.

A council spokesman from the council said: “We are very sorry that this has happened. We expect our enforcement officers to show common sense and to use their powers sensibly – This clearly did not happen.”

A full apology from the council followed and the cancellation of the fine proceeded.

In the business world, there is a call out for entrepreneurs.  They are our future, they innovate and inspire others, usually becoming leaders in the business world and communities they live in.

If we nurture their ambitions even from a young age and reward them for their entrepreneurial skills they will gain more confidence and eagerness to succeed.  Schools should embrace and guide such qualities in our youngsters offering them the guidance they need to succeed.

We salute this young girl’s entrepreneurial spirit and hope she goes on to great things.

Maybe she should be included in the East London Chamber of Commerce Wharf Innovation In Business Awards. Clearly a front runner in our opinion.

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