6 Management Tips To Reduce Workplace Stress

6 Management Tips To Reduce Workplace Stress image

With the increasing news that workplace stress is on the increase throughout the UK there are some very easy ways to help with the issue. Some of which could be feasible for some businesses and some are clearly not. On the whole however it’s good to step back and look at your business even if you think everything is rosy in the garden – it may not be!

So the first thing you could start with is listening to your employees.


There is no point in saying that you have an open door policy when you don’t practice it. Remind your staff that that is the case and maybe think about suggesting that it doesn’t have to be that formal. Popping out for a coffee or lunch can sometimes offer a more relaxed environment to talk.

By listening to their concerns or problems and being open and compassionate with them their stress will become less of an issue.

Team bonding

Keep the team spirit strong. In larger scale businesses you can find that teams can become splintered with an ‘us and them’ situation evolving. This can infuse a negative effect across co-workers and be bad for business in the long run. Bring your team together with team building activities both at the place of work and in retreats where employees can share experiences and solve business situations more effectively going forward.

Allow flexible working hours

As long as the work gets done you may find by offering your staff some flexibility to work remote helps with their own schedules that may be the source of the issue. By working remote, staff can manage their work life balance more efficiently and therefore becoming more efficient.

Following you lead

If you are the type of boss that works long hours, who’s in at dawn, takes few breaks, eats lunch at the PC and works late into the evening then you will find that employees feel obliged to do the same. This is a hidden pressure that you may be unaware of. Try altering the way you work. Become more flexible and make sure they see you taking breaks to relieve stress. Encourage the same with your workforce.

The most important thing is to talk to your staff frequently. Maybe its an idea to think about regular staff chats. This is not only a great idea to understand the challenges faced by your staff with their business commitments but also a compassionate ear for any problems you can help with on a personal basis. By talking to staff the insight is invaluable. You may find your next big idea rolls off the lips of an employee during one of these chats!

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