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Business Cash Advance UK

A business cash advance UK is a new innovative product which started out in the USA gaining speed amongst small businesses who use a PDQ credit card terminal.  The idea is quite simple.  We lend the small business a comfortable amount of money based on one or two months trading history via their PDQ card terminal.  The loan is then repaid based on future card sales.  This means that if you have a slow month then only a percentage of those card sales is repaid.  There is no fixed monthly payment that the lender is seeking.  If your card sales increase then the repayment is paid sooner.  A Business Cash Advance UK is a very fluid way of borrowing and sits comfortably within your cash flow.

A business cash advance UK – a Fluid way of lending

As we know the UK has had a difficult time over the last few years but recently there has been great news in the business market.  Only this month, High street retail sales are at a 10 year high and the forecast suggests that this will continue through the coming years.

Where the banks have let us all down (especially small businesses) it has certainly left the door open for new innovative products in the funding and business finance marketplace.  A Business Cash Advance UK is one of those solutions.  No APR’s, no security required… just a couple of month’s trading history, a card terminal and you are almost guaranteed the finance.

Recently the government have backed new forms of alternative lending such as our Business Cash Advance UK loan product.  The government are making it mandatory for the high street banks to refer declined business loan applications to such alternative sources of commercial funding.  The beauty about this product is that unlike crowd funding this takes just a few days to fund and it is underwritten by us which makes the process very quick and simple.  Fill out our quick and easy application form today.

Mal Jacobs
Mal Jacobs
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