Business Funding for Marketing – What Options are Available?

Business Funding for Marketing – What Options are Available? image

Over time it’s true to say that a company image starts to feel quite tired and out of date. If you’ve not thought about it for a while maybe it’s a good time to step back and have have a look at it. Finding the right business funding for marketing projects such as rebranding and advertising has never been easier for your business and there are plenty of options available.

But first thing first – do your market research. Take a look at your competition, see what they are doing in the market, which social channels they are particularly pushing, how frequently are they connecting with their audience, what are they saying and so on.

Look at their brand personality and design? Does it look fresh and modern and does it set the right tone of voice for their business? There are many questions that you can easily answer yourself before investigating your own brand design.

But remember this is not just a case of fitting in around your competitors. It’s about gaining the advantage, reaching new audiences, standing out with your message and company ethos and looking dynamic through your brand image.

By employing a professional design agency at this point you can speak to the with a clear brief as to what it is you are trying to achieve. They will have much more to go at if you present them with your fact finding mission. They will go away and brief in their own marketing team and brainstorm ideas in the marketplace.

They will very quickly become experts in your field and gain the rapid knowledge needed to execute the design issue ahead. The will produce a marketing agenda for the year/s ahead and deliver a plan to leverage you above your peers and in turn, open up new sales channels. If you employ the right agency from day one who has the right experience with a strong portfolio of proven case studies you will benefit from their help.

And to finance the project?

Business funding for marketing has become easier with alternative finance. Our product which is called a merchant cash advance works seamlessly with your cash flow, is unsecured and repays via future credit and debit card sales when your business earns. If your business doesn’t take credit and debit card payments there are still plenty of options to find business funding for marketing here.

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