Buying a commercial vehicle or van for a business?

Buying a commercial vehicle or van for a business? image

Are you buying a commercial vehicle or van for a business? If so you should consider an alternative form of finance that could be the perfect fit for your business finances.

When it comes to finding the right vehicle for your business you may be trawling the market to find the right option for your business. In many cases the vehicle manufacturers will offer options on new van purchases, or, van dealerships may have their own financing options available to you.

You may have looked at vehicle leasing options which may work in some situations. But what if you need something more specific where repayments are kinder to your cash flow? This is where a business cash advance comes into its own. If your business takes card payments from customers you may be eligible for a cash advance equal to that of your monthly card turnover. This may be enough to help fund your van or business vehicle purchase. Let’s say your monthly card turnover is £10,000. You could qualify for a business cash advance of £10,000 which you can use for any purpose including buying the right van or vehicle for your business.

By having the cash to hand you could put yourself in a much stronger bargaining position to strike the best sale with the dealership. This means you can drive down the upfront costs and save over time from not entering a costly, additional finance agreement.

Seen the right van or vehicle for your business and want to move quickly?

By using a merchant cash advance you can also move quickly too. The application process is fast, generally less than five working days from application to having the money in your business account. You may find that you have money to spare which you can use to fund the vehicle insurance again by using a single upfront payment could save you paying extra on insurance finance over the year.

Buying the right vehicle for your business is so important in that you get exactly what you need to get the job done. Whether it is a delivery service for a pizza company, a van for a plumber or tradesman, a vehicle to advertise your restaurant or high street shop or purely a means of getting out to your customers. You can find that usual finance options can be restrictive and only applicable to certain types of business vehicle which may or may not be right for you. By having the cash in the bank you can open up your business vehicle options and compare the market for the right vehicle at the right price.

Ultimately a business cash advance is there to help your business grow. It’s there to be easily accessible, without the long paperwork and red tape. It’s there so you can make flexible repayments in line with your business cash flow. Have a look at the market for leasing, commercial van finance and others but think about obtaining a quote for a cash advance to add to the options available to you. You may well be very surprised!

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