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The AA has entered the card payment market by teaming up with merchant payment provider EVO Payments International to provide CardPay from the AA. The move comes at a time when almost sixty-two percent of businesses are reliant on payment gateways but struggle with the technology. Twenty-six percent report having problems in managing cash transactions.

The AA recently conducted a survey of their own which revealed that eighty-three percent of consumers didn’t know which famous person is on the back of a twenty-pound note. As card payments have finally overtaken cash for the first time the move seems fully on trend for the AA who moved into the Financial Services market in 2015.

Aside from this light-hearted report, the AA has been looking at the card payment space for some time. A report by YouGov found that 25% of small businesses in the UK are frustrated with rising merchant payment costs and hidden fees. 20% reported that poor internet connection was holding back their ability to process more transactions, especially at peak business times.

The timing couldn’t be better for the government’s initiative to implement £400 million investment in full fibre optic broadband to bolster the UK’s digital infrastructure.

Card Pay from the AA – great timing for businesses in need

Another part of the YouGov report suggested that around 30% of card terminal owners were frustrated with the actual merchant technology and poor engineer tech support on offer – a similar number experience their merchant PDQ machines failing totally in the last 12 months.

The AA is promising to enter the space with a fresh stance. Excellent value for money, transparent pricing models and superb customer service – maybe taking a lead from their automotive customer service market.

“The challenges many SMEs have with payment terminals, often relating to opaque pricing tariffs and surprise add-ons, need to be put right and the status quo needs to be disrupted”

“The launch of Card Pay from the AA is the logical first step for small businesses that operate in an increasingly cashless society and are looking for ways to keep running costs under control.” David Searle, Director of AA Financial Services.

Card Pay from the AA – pricing

A number of pricing packages are available depending on your business monthly card turnover. Pricing plans start at £33 a month and you can expect a value for money solution.

More payment solution packages together with more information can be found here

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