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At some point all business will face a cash flow issue whether it’s a late paying customer or supplier through to funding requirements to expand or fulfil larger orders. In the hospitality and retail sector it is likely to be a growth issue with some businesses wishing to expand their premises, buy more stock or take on new staff and so on.

Generally most businesses with a cash flow issue who need cash flow funding are in good shape. It’s not that they are a poor business struggling along, it’s merely the fact that that there is a requirement for a large lump sum in order to help the business thrive, survive and prosper.

What is cash flow funding?

Cash flow funding is a term for businesses looking for finance that works well with daily sales. Getting a traditional bank loan whereby you pay back a fixed monthly amount isn’t cash flow funding. You need a business loan that repays in line with your sales.

So for instance if your business receives less sales in January then you pay back less for in January, relieving the financial pressure on your business. And, if your business has a good February then you pay back the loan quicker in February.

With our loan product it really is that simple. It repays with your cashflow, it is unsecured which means there is no requirement to secure the funds against a personal or business asset such as your property, the funding is easy to apply for and a decision is made quickly meaning the funds can be with you in some cases the same day.

Cash Flow funding is one of the best ways to fund your business especially if your business takes credit and debit card payments. The government are backing such types of alternative business finance investing millions of pounds into helping businesses find the funding they need. By applying with us for cash flow funding you will find out if your business qualifies for this type of funding today. We have helped many small businesses with cash flow funding.

“Our restaurant portfolio is now at four premises across Manchester. For two of the businesses I have used a merchant cash advance as a form of cash flow funding. We needed to renovate at a new address and the money was raised with little paperwork from us.

We provided our business details and our merchant statements and that was it, we had a decision that same evening. The money hit our account the next day and we were able to push on quickly with our schedule.

I have used a cash advance before and it was easy to repay, very flexible indeed. Each time a sale goes through on the credit card terminal a percentage of that sale is repaid from the loan. It has worked well for our business growth” Graham Walker, Altrincham

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