Could ‘click and collect’ help your business on the high street?

Could ‘click and collect’ help your business on the high street? image

It’s now common that so many people are using click and collect services together with home delivery options.

Although it had been reported by online comparison site Which that over 60% of people experienced problems with home delivery services, click and collect and home delivery are here to stay.

So could ‘click and collect’ help your business?

The Click-and-collect service can be offered by retailers so that consumers have a dedicated pick up point for their parcels. It’s a convenient service as many retailers, and newsagents already provide the service for free.  As with the case of Covid19 pandemic, click and collect became crucial for those businesses who remained trading.

It’s undeniable that high streets have it tough at the moment especially after events during 2020. We speak to retailers all the time about how consumer spending and poor infrastructure is having a significant impact on their business.

Adapt your business to the market

Could your business offer a click and collect and home delivery service? It would seem from the research that the shops who are offering pick up points for click and collect parcels benefit directly from increased consumer spending.

All the large retailers already do it well. Online ordering is secure, and consumers are spending more and more online. After all, e-commerce is a twenty-four-hour business; consumers can order shopping while they lay in bed at night. Mobile ordering is simple, and order fulfilment can happen in just a few hours.

But there is a sticking point. Delivery. Being ‘in’ when a parcel is being delivered can be an issue in the logistical chain.

By having pick up points on the high street, means that a consumer has no worries when it comes to collection and signatories. Tracking parcels is easier than ever, and the delivery apps are so detailed, and customer-focused – it makes the whole process simple.

So how can click and collect help your business?

If you do have a business on the high street, why not think about it? You could try for a year or two and see the results for yourself. You may gain footfall in your shop. Lots of people coming in and seeing what you offer on a daily basis. 

What are the disadvantages?

If your business is space limited, then you may struggle of course. Often floor space is precious selling area. What you don’t want is a pile of boxes in a prime retail spot.

What are the advantages?

The increase in footfall in your shop will become apparent. It’s an excellent opportunity to engage with new people and create awareness of your products or services.

“Here at MLA we talk to many businesses on a daily basis and offer to fund through our merchant cash advance product. On many occasions, the business owner is trying to generate more sales by expanding and growing their business.  By offering added value elements to for your customers through your business you will undoubtedly open up a larger customer base.” 

Embrace online alongside your bricks and mortar business.

The more you are open to adapt and change as a business will open up more opportunity. By implementing and trialling new ideas especially through online will give your business an extra income stream it needs.

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