Merchant Cash Advance v Crowdfunding

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Merchant Cash Advance v Crowdfunding

Innovative business loan finance, it had to happen. Just because our high street banks have let us down over the last few years doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road for SME finance and funding. In fact there lay the opportunity for a new breed of entrepreneurs and investors – Crowdfunding.

The crowdfunding model is based on the fact that there is a lot of people looking to invest their savings away from banks and building society with low interest rates to back business growth in the UK with a very respectable return on investment typically 6% upwards depending on how you invest.

It seems to tick the box with the government too, what better way to release dormant cash back into the business society on a win – win basis? There are many willing investors out there too with project funding booming and in some cases being over funded which tells a story in itself. If you are a small business there are some advantages but on the whole the process can be rather lengthy. Once your project or funding request is served via the web portal your fund target needs to be reached.

Some of this is produced by your own marketing strategy and some via the efforts of the crowdfunder website (phew – sounds a bit slow right?). You’d be right. In some cases it can work, in other cases it can be slow and can potentially be damaging to your business especially if you needs the funds quickly.

Merchant cash Advance, the smartest, fairest and quickest on the market

A Merchant cash advance is unarguably the smartest, fairest and quickest on the market. You only pay your loan back on future card sales. It sits comfortably within the limits of your cash flow. Read a little more about it on our homepage or apply now for a quick decision today.

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