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Regardless of what your business says on its website, how you are the best venue in town, or, you have the best products and services at the best prices there is one copy writer that stands above them all – your customer.

A customer referral or review can go a long, long way. Other customers want to know what others are saying about their experience of your product or service. They buy into your product when others have bought in themselves and have given high praise and high star ratings. This is why TripAdvisor works so well as a platform, it’s customer driven with reviews becoming instrumental in the business growth and success.

If you are a restaurant or hotel and you’ve been looking at your marketing it is sometimes too easy to judge yourself and follow your own gut feeling. By accessing feedback you can make real change. Criticism, when handled correctly can be so powerful to you in spotting flaws regardless of size and being able to act on it, putting it right and moving on.

The horror story customer reviews

We speak to many restaurants and hotels within the hospitality space and we hear some horror stories. Customers seemingly delighted with their meal when asked by staff only to leave the building and write an awful review on TripAdvisor being a very common issue.

So how do you nip those instances in the bud?

Well, you could look at a cool incentive at the end of the experience. A restaurant, for example, could offer a mini star rating questionnaire with a voucher perhaps to reuse for taking the time to fill out. This way you may get the chance to rectify any issues the customer has had before they take to their Facebook page or worse still Trip Advisor.

Good Reviews are worth their weight in gold

You work hard on your business, you are proud of your business, your products, services and staff. It will shine through as long as people see that you are engaged with a high level of customer service. A member of our team recently received an email from the CEO of a start-up pre paid credit card provider. They’d had some down time and the CEO wasn’t happy that the company had let down their customers all be it briefly.

The email went to great lengths to apologise for the inconvenience and had the tone of voice that suggested they truly care about their customers and felt the need to thank everyone for their patience. The downtime was minimal – many businesses would probably avoid such negative acknowledgement. Instead, the CEO expressed it wasn’t good enough and that he expected more, even though it was an issue with one of their own third party suppliers. The wave of support for that message on social media was fantastic. Customers sending their good will messages and thanking him for the note.

Having your customer and their feelings at the centre of your business will reflect in the reviews you receive. Your business ethos will be evident for all to see and experience. So if you are a retailer, restaurant, hotel or online e-commerce website think about your customer experience and make sure your reviews work as hard as you do.

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