Farm Shop Business Loan

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There are many ways to help fund farm shops, especially if you are a startup farm shop. Being in a rural area means that are usually grants, rural farm loans and rural development initiatives available to you.

But what if you are at the next phase of funding your farm shop? Perhaps you have now been trading for over a year, and you’re looking for extra funding to create a larger restaurant or farm shop cafe. Maybe you are looking to create an outdoor space such as a seating area or playground for kids or other development opportunities.

Your farm shop may need a little bit of extra cash flow help to see you through a period of trading. There are many reasons for the use of finance for farm shops, and with our merchant cash advance, you can use the unsecured funding for any purpose.

Here’s how a business loan can work for your farm shop

A merchant cash advance also commonly known as a business cash advance, is the perfect Farm Shop Business Loan. Why? Well, your farm shop probably takes payments via a credit and debit card terminal, otherwise known as a PDQ machine? If it does, then read on.

Your farm shop can qualify for a sum that is of similar value to your average monthly card takings, and the best part – it works with your cash flow. This means that you only pay back a set percentage of each future sale you make via your credit and debit card sales. Your cash sales are not taken into account.

So, if your farm shop has a slower month on sales, then you pay back less for that month. It’s unsecured too, which means you don’t have to secure against your family home or business asset. There are no fees, hidden charges or penalties for early or late repayments. This is the perfect farm shop business loan.

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