Female business owners – are you in the gang?

Female business owners – are you in the gang? image

If you are a female business owner ‘The Girl Tribe Gang’ community could be for you…

So, what is it?

It’s a members group set up by Catherine Asta Labbett which is exclusive for female business owners – in fact; any women in business can get involved. For the modern female entrepreneur, the ‘business networking space’ has long needed a major overhaul and her community is delivering such a fresh environment.

Any business female owner who juggles a hectic personal and business lifestyle will tell you that it can feel overwhelming and even isolating at times. Girl Tribe Gang certainly breaks the mould and offers an environment to meet other like-minded female business owners.

So how is it different?

Where do we start? Gone are the suited and booted formal networking events, gone are the stuffy hotel conference rooms crammed with seasoned ’grey-faced, name-tagged’ networking executives going through the repeated bland introductions. This community is different, in a big shake-up, wake up kind of way.

The first impressions of The Girl Tribe Gang for those who have embraced the community are incredibly positive, and it’s gathering pace.

The group is creating a community, an eco-system of support and resources from other members. Whether you are thinking about leaping from a 9-5 job, or you are in the early years of your business, the community offers tips, advice, sounding boards and content that is relevant to you.

For female business owners who have the experience and are looking to grow their business, the community has a lot to offer.

There are monthly informal member meet-ups, power hours, coaching and ‘virtual’ information hubs and of course TRIBE gatherings and parties.

“We launched in Ilkley in May 2017 but we have BIG plans to spread our Girl Tribe Gang wings right across the country, and we are on a mission to bring a girl tribe gang to 20 very special and exclusive locations right across the UK throughout 2017 and early 2018.” Catherine Asta Labbett.

The group has big plans to continue to grow across the UK, and more detail about membership can be found here.

At MLA we have helped many small businesses get the funding they need to grow. We have helped many female business owners find the finance they need to grow their business via our business cash advance product. It can be a perfect option for businesses who take payments from customers on credit and debit card. We have helped female business owners both on the high street within retail, beauty salons, restaurants, hotels and more.

We wish The Girl Tribe Gang the best of luck (not that they’ll need it) with their new group.

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