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A successful rugby club is run by people who care for their community and have a passion for the sport. Many great volunteers come together to run multiple junior teams, competitions, away trips, through to the senior teams and vets.

The rugby club itself is run like any other business with bar takings, food and more with proceeds going back into the club. So what happens when the club needs to expand? It may be a difficult task to look for funding via the lottery or other funding incentives – these are great for pitches, coaching and equipment. What do you do when you need to develop the commercial side of the business or simply raise cashflow finance?

This is where we can help. A business cash advance is a great product for raising funding easily and quickly. Based on future card sales your club can raise a similar amount to the average monthly card takings. If your rugby club takes credit card payments from customers you may well qualify for this unique type of business finance.

Unlike an ordinary bank loan where you pay back, an agreed, set amount each month, a merchant cash advance repays only when you make a sale. For example, a round of drinks and bar food comes to £50, 10% is repaid back to the funder to repay the advance.

If sales dip for the month, the club repays inline with the dip – giving you the flexibility you need to keep cash flow under control.

Whether you have looked at bank loans, government funding, crowdfunding, project finance or more you may find that a Rugby Club merchant cash advance works for your club.

We’d be delighted to ‘try’ to help you so get ‘into touch’ today with our team and we’ll help you convert to a cash advance.

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