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The Humber Business Week has started and like so many other business week’s on the agenda there lies a golden opportunity for like minded business mentors to get together and offer support to start-ups and SME’s in the area.  So what challenges lie ahead for growth for the Start Up or SME 3 year old?

Here with some practical tips for your business during Humber Business Week:

1. Protect your brand IP

Whether you feel you are already established or you have just started out, as simple application and small modest fee to protect your product or service identity with the IPO Intellectual Property Office can pay dividends in the future (find their tools here).

There are clearly positives around such a move.  Not only can you protect your idea’s IP but you can quickly protect any other business or entity ‘piggy backing’ from your brand online.  This spans such remits as Facebook, eBay, Google PPC and so on.  Usually a quick email pointing out that your brand name or mark is protected in the UK, and the ISP will remove the offending website/webpage or advert thus fast tracking and legalities you may find in your way if you choose to engage directly.

2. Don’t employ a good accountant – get a GREAT accountant

During Humber Business Week seek out a great accountant.  Pay the extra and use a professional ‘but local’ accountancy firm.  You may think they are expensive but they will return their investment and then some.  Having a professional accountancy firm is one of the most important elements to your business.

3. Bring SEO / Content in house

If you think you are going to spend on digital marketing especially SEO, social and content writing there are far too many agencies who will ask for a retainer or charge large sums of money for little reward.  Bring in your own content writer for your website blog, twitter and facebook posts.  This compliments the efforts of the web agency and will save you a fortune.

4. Business Funding

You are already on a site that supports business growth through funding via your business credit / debit card sales.  If your business is a startup we can still help you with what the government is calling alternative lending sources.  In fact George Osborne is now making it mandatory for banks to refer small businesses who have been declined funding from their bank manager to automatically be given alternative sources of lending such as our product.  So if the bank manager’s computer ‘says No…’ don’t give up at that first hurdle….there is a wealth of business funding waiting for SME’s today.  We are delighted to help visitors to Humber Business Week with funding requirements.

5. Contact your local University or College for job board posting

Most universities and colleges support local businesses by providing ‘job centre’ style notice boards.  They will also email candidates with your role profile.  With summer approaching you may require an extra pair of hands for the break or more dedicated KTP style funded placements.  Now is a great time to get in touch with your local Uni.

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