Is your business maximising online sales?

Is your business maximising online sales? image

The following is just an example of one business who wasn’t maximising their online sales. The theory is pretty much the same and can be implemented for any business.

In May of 2019 while on holiday in Wales, I called into at the local fishing tackle shop to stock up on some new fishing lures and other various items. Asking how business was going the owner told me about the ups and downs of the sales figures with business being seasonal in the immediate local area.

I asked him how his online sales were doing to which he replied he doesn’t do ‘online’ or any of that 'e-commerce stuff' – he had a shopping cart on his website, but that wasn’t getting any traffic or sales. So, seasonality is an issue, and you have a shop with full shelves for approximately a quarter of the year. Online sales were something he was clearly missing out on. Two hours later we were still chatting.

Fishing is one of the largest sports in the world – a multi-billion pound worldwide industry. There are thousands of people fishing all over the world this very second.

Fishing tackle is lightweight and shipped cheaply. There is an excellent margin on expensive lures and fisherman will pay a premium for it if it lands them the fish of their dreams.

By opening up more to e-commerce, the owner could maximise his yearly sales and prove that owning a fishing tackle shop isn’t a seasonal business anymore. But how does he reach his new wider audience? Would it cost money and how would he know he is maximising the sales potential?

Facebook is a great place to start. Those shop owners who have a Facebook page and create post after post of their product for sale will almost certainly be failing online. Those shop owners who have a page where they add value to their audience by giving content that is informative, aspirational or funny will be winning. Their audience figures will grow daily. And with a bigger audience, you can deliver the odd link to a product and increase traffic to your store.

Now for this shop, in particular, he has a great topic. There is so much available content within fishing from the instructional material such as casting, knot tying, different lures, fly tying, spinning, river fishing sea fishing, different fish types – the list is pretty much endless. Then there is storytelling, making the content of a fishing trip – great for Youtube too. There is aspirational content – making the subscriber want to be there, planting the seed. And, finally, humour – funny fishing videos are all over the internet – these will go a long way with your brand tagged if you share the content.

Once your business has the followers, it will become easier to promote your product – but don’t post your products all the time otherwise you will lose followers.

And don’t just stop at Facebook. Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Periscope (old article here but worthy of a read) and Youtube should all be in the mix too.

The owner of the fishing tackle shop was also using Woo Commerce within his WordPress site. WordPress doesn’t have as many of the sales features that some of the larger cloud-based e-commerce platforms have such as Shopify. With these larger pay-monthly sites you have a whole range of platform apps that support your store available to you. Such as re-marketing to cart abandonment. A smart feature that re-targets your customers with ads that feature the product they were looking at buying.

If your business isn’t making the most of selling online, then you should look into this as a valuable year-round sales stream. And, if you need funding for your business, whether it’s for marketing, a new e-commerce website, more stock or essential cash flow we can help with our business cash advance product.

Since this article was originally posted Facebook has announced the launch of their 'Facebook Shops' in 2020.  Helping business owners create easier ways to list their products online is critical post-COVID-19.  Users will be able to start selling online from scratch or integrate their Shopify store with ease.

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