New business year, new business strategy, new business image?

New business year, new business strategy, new business image? image

It’s the start of 2016. Christmas is over and you are ready for all the new challenges that running and building a business brings. But are you really equipped to take your business to the next level? Energising your business for growth not only takes a great well executed strategy but it could require hard cash to put the plans into action.

Maybe your business requires a larger footprint, more space to grow and house stock or create more footfall, maybe your business needs a marketing facelift to drive more visitors to your product maybe through a new branding identity perhaps.

It’s always important to review your business marketing at every opportunity. You may think that you know your customers well, what they need and how to deliver it. By taking a simple honest approach you can uncover some gems within your strategy just by asking your customers exactly what they think of your business.

The response from a cross section will represent ‘your brand’. Your logo and company image is just a graphical representation of your company’s ethos, products and services. You only build a ‘brand’ over time through engaging with your customers, suppliers and employees. Asking them for their feedback is critical to the success of your business non more so than your employees. They can offer fantastic constructive criticism and ideas for development.

By embracing this encapsulated information you can build a thorough brief for your chosen marketing team to create a powerful marketing campaign that may include an identity overhaul, new website and more.

By doing your research you can really get the most out of your marketing budget in 2016. Be ready for new ideas, don’t be afraid to embrace other people’s ideas and vision.

If your business needs initial funding for marketing and branding then consider our business cash advance funding option. It’s a fantastic unsecured business loan that only repays on future credit and debit card sales through your business card machine terminal (PDQ). We have helped many businesses in 2015 with funding for growth. In all cases it has been positive and businesses have been able to grow. If you’d like to key more information fill in our contact form and one of our friendly staff will explain how we can help your business grow.

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