Pizza Express now deliver after partnering with Deliveroo

Pizza Express now deliver after partnering with Deliveroo image

Young and ambitious Deliveroo, an on-demand food delivery service from Coventry, have bagged a contract with Pizza Express this month. Deliveroo utilise a network of its own delivery staff to get restaurant-quality food to doorsteps as quickly as possible.

Pizza Express had been expected to offer the service for quite some time, and until recently had planned to create its own. However, Coventry-based Deliveroo stepped in to offer its services to the food giant, who were clearly more than happy to outsource instead.

The new deal now makes Pizza Express Deliveroo’s biggest restaurant partner. Deliveroo began its life in Coventry three years ago and has grown rapidly ever since, securing contracts with a variety of well-known restaurant chains.

The concept is simple. Visit Deliveroo’s site, find restaurants in your area, place your order and your food will be winging its way to you courtesy of a Deliveroo staff member. The service has proven extremely popular and is expected to be available for all postcodes in the future.

Pizza Express were preparing to create its own network of delivery drivers and cyclists, but encountered issues. Richard Hodgson, CEO of Pizza Express, spoke with the Financial Times this week:
“It was always our intention to enter the delivery market; however, the challenge has always been to guarantee restaurant-quality dishes at the scale a business our size requires”.

“Having watched Deliveroo’s rapid rise over the past couple of years and its penchant for ensuring restaurant quality food, it became apparent that they were the best partner to enable us to do this at a rapid pace.”

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