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Many small businesses hit a stage in their lifespan when the time arrives to refresh their business image. It’s very often that the business owner hasn’t sat down and reviewed the competition and the marketplace for quite some time.

It’s easy for businesses to become stuck and without knowing it have become ‘blinkered’ to their brand identity or business premises.

Restaurants and bars are most often the types of venues where keeping up with marketplace style and being on trend is crucial for the business to compete and thrive. That is why it’s good practice to sit down as often as possible and review your marketing, your image and company persona.

Some larger companies especially franchise businesses have whole marketing departments dedicated to reviewing the marketplace and trends associated with consumer buying.

So what about the smaller businesses, restaurants, coffee shops, pubs, bars and retail shops? How do they compete with the big guys when it comes to keeping ahead of the trends? You could approach a design and marketing agency to address your marketing requirements especially when you may be looking for a rebrand and a fresh approach to your marketing.

Maybe your website needs updating and improving, or your premises needs an interior designer to propose a modern look and feel consistent with market trends.

Or maybe it’s combination of both – either way refreshing your company image and staying competitive both on the high street and online has never been more important.

When it comes to funding such projects especially refurbishment and property development you may require flexible business finance.

There are lots of traditional banks and lenders who offer such business finance products but they are not as popular as they one were.

In fact, since the banking collapse with such lenders locking down business lending to a far lower proportion of the market, it has given way to the rise and popularity of alternative business funding.

A merchant cash advance is one such product labelled under alternative finance. It is an unsecured advance with funding available similar to your monthly credit and debit card sales revenue.

In some cases, an advance can be in excess of 150% of such revenue. It repays only when your business makes a sale via credit and debit card transactions with your customer.

This is an agreed percentage of each future card sale. The repayment percentage will be a comfortable amount for the business to handle. So when your business is low on sales for the month then you’d be paying back less for that month. Simple.

It is the perfect funding option that works with your future revenue. Talk to our team today about how you can raise up to 150% of your monthly card sale turnover and have the money in your bank in just a couple of days. No obligation quotes are produced in minutes so it’s quick to see if you qualify.

A merchant cash advance is also backed by the UK Government with investment from The British Business Bank providing the capital required to keep Britain trading.

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