A Restaurant in the US has the perfect menu for kids

A Restaurant in the US has the perfect menu for kids image

When it comes to ordering in a restaurant, parents know all too well that sometimes kids have no idea what they want to eat. A restaurant in Maryland, USA has come up with an innovative idea that may find its way across the pond to some restaurants here in the UK.

The kids menu has some of the more familiar quotes that diners and restaurant staff may be familiar with. Each phrase having a food order equivalent alongside making the process fun and in some ways helpful !

The kids menu has such phrases as ‘I’m not hungry’, ‘I don’t know’, ‘I don’t want that’ – you get the idea.

‘I don’t know’ will land a peanut and jelly sandwich and an ‘I’m not hungry’ will land a basket of chicken strips.

It seems a little fun on the menu can inspire some giggles at the table but it has proven once again through the power of social media marketing that a little thinking outside the box can, if shared correctly, drive awareness to your restaurant without too much work.

Maybe there are lots of ways to invigorate and inspire ideas for your restaurant menu. Not only should you be thinking about your food listings but maybe how you communicate your menu to your customers.

Another idea is to tell ‘the story’ of your food journey. Maybe you could think about the provenance aspect, where your food was sourced. Maybe a local farmers market is used for your vegetables, maybe it has a wealth of history, maybe your SeaBass or Lobster is caught locally (a great story in itself). Consumers buy into provenance especially well, they want to know, they appreciate it so why not communicate it ?

For more menu ideas take a look at tips and tricks for restaurants .

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