Selfies increase make-up sales

Selfies increase make-up sales image

Make-up sales are at an all time high thanks to the mass self trend now an absolute way of life for hundreds of thousands of people who want to be ready to strike the best possible selfie pose at all times.

Estee Lauder are reporting that their cosmetic division is the fastest growing part of the company with annual turnover up 9%.  This has lead to the company reporting a total 4% increase to a whopping $11.2 billion for the whole year.

Other brands are reporting similar sales growth.

Lipstick and foundation are two of the largest products with a definite surge in the UK market.
If you are a make up retailer and trade on the high street it may not be as good news as you might think.  Women and men are more inclined to go online to seek beauty tips from bloggers and You Tube influencers in order to seek advice.  These self made beauty stars boast thousand to literally millions of subscribers.  Ester Lauder have themselves bagged one such influencer Lilly Singh to be the face of Smashbox.  She brings along her audience of nine million subscribers as part of the deal.

A spokeswoman for Estee Lauder, told the BBC: “Everyone is taking photos now and make-up can allow you to transform yourself according to the mood.”

This shift, however, may not be good news for the traditional department store make-up lady.
Women and men are now more likely to go online to get make-up tips from how-to beauty “vlogs” made by self-made YouTube stars who boast millions and millions of subscribers. Estee Launder itself tapped up Lilly Singh to be the face of Smashbox. She brings with her nine million subscribers.

A spokesperson for Estee Lauder quoted: “In the past, beauty advisors in department stores were the sole means of getting educated on products and benefits. Consumers now have many more choices in terms of how they interact and learn.”

So if you are in the beauty business you may want to increase your online reach and embrace new methods of increasing your customer, follower base.  Clearly there is huge potential in the growth of vanity online.  In the past women and men would only really apply make-up if they were planning on going out.  

Now even staying at home all day without any intention of crossing your doorstep is irrelevant.  People want to look good when they are on Facebook, Snapchat, whether for a photo opportunity or live broadcast of themselves. 

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