Shoppers turning to AI for Christmas shopping help

Shoppers turning to AI for Christmas shopping help image

A recent survey has found that one in three consumers who have AI devices in their home are going to use it to help them with their Christmas shopping choices.

Smart devices such as Alexa and Google Home are expecting to help with last-minute gift purchases; it seems entirely replacing human choice.

20% of tech-loving consumers will let the AI devices lead the way when looking for the perfect gift idea while a further 11% will use the technology to find last-minute bargains.

Both of these figures are up once again this year which suggests more and more consumers are placing a level of ‘trust’ in-home assisted artificial intelligence.

So as a business are you looking at artificial intelligence yet? It could be something straightforward as a chatbot for your website perhaps. This is an automated chat window that responds to customers questions.

It can be pre-programmed to anticipate and answer questions based when specific keywords are used. If done correctly your website can work harder to convert website visitors into customers especially when your salespeople are not available.

AI is also changing the way consumers pay for goods and services too.  Amazon Pay is coming to Alexa for voice in-app purchases.

Intel and Foxconn have recently showcased AI facial recognition payment systems aka ‘facial pay’ using Intel’s MEC (Multi-access Edge Computing) technology.

“Over the last five years, we’ve seen huge advancements in merchant technologies, from chip and pin to contactless, Apple pay, mobile wallet apps and now facial recognition on the horizon”. Rich W, MLA

“We’ve advanced so far in such a small amount of time and business payment processing is starting to become more fluid and organic process making shopping experiences more accessible for consumers.  Couple AI devices making the choices for you and payments becoming easier, the retail world is set to become a very different experience in the not so distant future.”

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