The UK economy has grown for the fifth successive quarter. UK businesses are pulling back from the recession which began in 2008, the economy is now just below where it was before the decline hit. In the construction and manufacturing sectors, high performance levels suggest the UK economy has a bright future. Small UK businesses are thriving and are really driving the economy out of a hole.

Big News for Small Businesses

At Merchant Loan Advance we are trying to support the growth of smaller UK businesses. Even now the OFT (Office of Fair Trading) claims that banks are making it difficult for small and medium businesses (SMEs) to get the funding they need, not only from the banks themselves but making it challenging to lend from other parties. This is through the use of sly tactics such as long delays to get your information and even longer delays for the process of paperwork. It has been said the SMEs are being hindered when getting loans from alternative providers.

Vivienne Dews, the chief executive of OFT said “SMEs are a vital driver of the growth in the UK” and that “they need access to banking services and loans which meet their needs”. Merchant Loan Advance is trying to do just that, we offer a simple and pain-free application process, which takes minutes to complete. The amount you borrow can be between £2500 and £300’000. To pay the loan off we take a percentage of your credit/debit card payments. And that’s it. The repayment of the loan actually works with your business activity, and because our loans are unsecured your assets are not in danger. This means not risking your house or your lifestyle. You can even check online how much you have paid off of your loan and how far you have to go. There are absolutely no hidden costs, or trickery of any kind. You will be aware of the full charge up front.

At Merchant Loan Advance we are proud to be helping UK businesses expand and succeed. In turn this helps the UK economy expand and succeed. It’s time to end the recession once and for all. And maybe even take some power from the big four banks, countless times they have taken advantage of the gaps in the law and mistreated their customers. The new era of business loans is here.