Small Businesses Being Let Down By Lack Of Network Coverage

Small Businesses Being Let Down By Lack Of Network Coverage image

Small business owners who operate their business from various locations are finding it difficult to maintain consistent communication with their suppliers and customers a survey has revealed.

It is a known fact that there are certain ‘dead zones’ for mobile coverage in the UK which hinders business owners on a daily basis.

And it’s not just about getting online in those areas, it seems from the report that even very basic 3G signals are weak and in most cases non existent.

“For these small businesses their only option is to come together, lobby their local MP’s and write to central government” S.Barnes “What is the point of investing in HS2 rail and rail networks when vast areas of the UK are not even connected to the Internet?”

“If we had decent connections we wouldn’t need to travel as much. We can use the likes of Skype more for meetings. I don’t see the point of arriving somewhere 20 minutes quicker on a multi million pound high speed train when we should be able to communicate in realtime from anywhere in the UK”.

“It directly affects sales, customer relationships, supplier relationships, staff relationships and so on. Having guaranteed bandwidth regardless of your location in the UK is surely the priority?”

It seems many small business owners would agree.

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