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You may well already be an established high street store or a small business selling on the high street but if you are serious about opening up your sales channels to access a massive audience of confident customers then Amazon Seller Central is a very good place to start.

Getting set up on Amazon Seller Central is simple.

You can be realistically be set up and running in a couple of hours and easily reach a global audience of over 95 million users.

Obviously, this is a great way to scale your business operations effectively and quickly with your orders and fulfilment being handled by Amazon. They take care of picking and packing and all shipment even handling your returns. This means you can concentrate on your business.

You can push your page or product within the Amazon environment by using their sponsored keyword targeting advertising. In a similar way to Google, you can bid on the keyword required and your ad will show to the end user. You only pay when the advert is clicked.

If you are a growing business and we are presuming you are then Amazon Seller Central is a great place to start especially if you are looking to open up your UK sales to Europe, the USA and the rest of the world.

There are some great ways to raise business finance to help with buying new stock too. In fact, over the last few years, the rise in alternative business finance has grown so much that many UK businesses are using the facility on a day to day basis rather than approaching their traditional banks.

The reason?

Well many forms of alternative business finance offer the customer a real alternative. Take a merchant cash advance. This works with your credit and debit card sales and you repay when your business makes a sale via card sales. There are no hidden fees or traditional APR. It is unsecured too meaning you don’t have to secure any personal or business asset against the loan.

Find out more about Amazon Seller Central here and, if you need unsecured business finance via a cash advance click here. For any other type of alternative business funding, you can find more information and access to funding here.

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