Pricing structure is tailored to your business

Every business is unique and it is the same with a merchant cash advance. Pricing is tailored to your business and your performance. There’s no fixed monthly payment terms or hidden costs – you simply repay when you sell to your customers.

Calculate the cost of your cash advance

To get a feel for the cost, take a look at our merchant cash advance calculator below. Remember, apply now and receive an instant, no obligation quote!

Borrow amount: £

Factor rate: %

Average monthly card sales: £

Payback: % of future card sales

Total loan repayable*

Daily average repayment

Predicted payback term
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* This calculator is intended for illustration purposes only and the amount payable will vary for each business.

Working with your business performance

The great benefit of an advance is that it works with you and your business. So in slow times, you pay back less and in good times you pay back faster. There’s no fixed term.

Merchant Cash Advance example rate card payback

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