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So, your beauty salon is almost off the ground, and it’s time for a memorable, snappy, creative name that will set you apart from your competition. We’re here with some great tips, ideas and inspiration for beauty salon names.

A great business deserves a great name. A great name is also something you have to live with and love every time you wake up in the morning, look at your signage, view your website and hand out business cards.

It has to be personal, to you, the business owner. It will drive you on every time you see it, and it will make you proud each time a customer mentions it. Your business name is one of the most influential parts of your business marketing, so it’s crucial to get it right.

8 tips to help you choose the best beauty salon name

1. Firstly it’s a good idea to check out your local competition via a little bit of market research. Search on google for the term ‘beauty salon’ and see who comes up in the local search listings. Look at their website, social media channels via Twitter and Facebook and see what their customers are saying on Yell or other client feedback platforms. Are they pushing their brand every day?

The secret, once you have your name, is to maximise exposure through constant marketing efforts. It doesn’t have to cost you money; it just needs some of your time to use social networks to drive awareness locally to your business.

2. Have a walk around your area and look at your competitions signage and branding. Does it portray who and what they are? Is it creative and memorable? Does it have an impact? Make notes or better still take some photos for reference.

3. Brainstorming is a great way to get the ball rolling for beauty salon name ideas. Don’t be afraid to put everything down on paper – even if it sounds incredibly silly! Sometimes a silly idea can spark the opposite word or phrase that can be perfect for you. This is a technique used by many creative agencies around the world. The key here is to keep writing and jotting everything down. Kick name ideas around with friends or relations until you have filled all the white space on your paper or whiteboard, then circle the words that you like.

4. Once you have a bunch of words or names circled, have a play around with those words. Are there other ways to say them? Can you change letters within them to give them a different spelling but sounding the same? Could two words work together? Is there a name that starts to stand out?

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5. Elimination. Based on what you have circled you can start another phase of elimination to remove the weak words – those names that don’t quite do it for you. Remember you have to live with this name every day so you will start to lean towards the stronger contenders naturally.

6. Check online to see if ther are other similar sounding beauty salon names. This is quite easy; you can google it, then type it into a domain checker such as to see if the is available. You may also like to check if the trademark is taken and if there are other limited businesses trading with it on companies house. You want to avoid any future conflict early on, so it’s important to check that you don’t run into any legal disputes after you have launched.

7. Once you are happy with the name and you have checked Google, Facebook and Twitter that the name is available to go ahead and register the domain, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter pages along with any other media channels such as Youtube and Periscope so that your business is ready.

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8. Create a fantastic brand identity for your beauty salon name. You may like to employ a creative agency for this if you can afford it. If you can’t afford it, you could try your local college or University and offer a prize to their graphic design department. This helps students produce commercial work for their portfolio and in some cases works for both parties.

For beauty salons who are looking to invest in their business in their early stages, we can help with a type of funding that works well for those who transact via card sales with their customers. It is called a merchant cash advance and is widely used by many beauty salon businesses in the UK as an alternative form of finance to a bank loan.

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