If you are a cafe owner in the UK you are amongst the backbone of the UK small business economy. We have helped hundreds of small businesses especially café’s up and down the UK over the last four years find the flexible business loan they need to grow their business. Securing a business loan for cafe is one of our most funded businesses. In fact we funded at least one cafe per week amongst many other businesses that we help.

We know many finance companies say the same old thing ‘we can help you grow’ or we ‘provide finance for your café’ and so on. But we are different. We offer a product that is truly different to other types of business finance. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how much of a good fit this can be for your café business.

You see our product is unsecured which means there is no security required against any funding taken. It works with your cashflow. For example if you have a quiet month on sales then you only pay back the same percentage of those sales, not a regular set lump sum which can a lot of small businesses under pressure.

The funding is repaid on each credit card sale you make and your cash sales are not affected. The application is painless with only a small amount of criteria required to meet the funding required. For example you maybe turning over between £3000 and £5000 on your card sales, then you’d qualify for a similar amount of funding.

A merchant cash advance is a business loan for café’s of all sizes. We have helped many café owners expand their business whether it’s growth, new premises, refurbishment, marketing costs for websites and so on. In fact the money can be used for any purpose at all.