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So what is a Pet Shop Business Cash Advance?

Well it’s a government backed alternative small business funding product that is taking the UK by storm. On average you can raise an unsecured amount between £3k and £100k for any purpose (we can go as high as £300k in some circumstances). The advance works by you repaying the amount on future card sales through your PDQ card terminal machine – in other words if you have a quiet month then you pay back less, if you have a busy period then you pay it back earlier.

To begin with we work out a percentage of future card sales that you are comfortable to repay on daily sales. The good thing with this is that it helps you know exactly where you are each and every day. Unlike other forms of loans from the high street banks whereby you repay an agreed amount month on month regardless of how quiet your previous month has been. It relieves the pressure on you and your pet shop business. Cash Advances have the backing of the UK government as being a form of alternative finance and are now seen as a valuable alternative to the mainstream banks.

There are numerous great points to this new form of funding. The Pet Shop Business Cash Advance is unsecured which means it’s not secured against your property or valuable asset, it only repays when you make sales, it only takes into account your card sales and not your cash sales, it’s decisioned quickly through an online form and there is no long paperwork, there are no hidden fees or other associated costs to surprise you, the funds can transfer within 1-2 days into your business bank account and finally we have a friendly team to help at each stage of the short process.

We understand that you are running your own pet shop business and know that this loan product can easily help you with cashflow, expand your business and premises, buy more pet stock or use towards a marketing campaign. The options are endless – you can use the Pet Shop Business Cash Advance for any purpose. Use our online form to receive your online quote today.

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