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Whether you’re opening a brand new restaurant, a new location or you need to refurbish your existing one, a restaurant business loan could be just the thing you need to take your business to the next level.

Works with your existing PDQ card machine

Works with your card sales

Unlock funding from £3,000 up to £300,000 against your customer card sales.

Flexible repayments - repay when you sell

Flexible repayments

Automatically repay a small percentage when customers purchase by card – There are no fixed payments.

Unsecured finance - No asset security required

No asset security required

The advance is unsecured, so your business assets are safe.

Keep 100% of cash transactions

Fast funding

A quick decision and process mean you can access your money in just 24 hours after approval.

No hidden costs

No hidden costs

The cost of finance is made clear to you upfront. There are no hidden costs, confusing APR’s or other nasty charges.

Apply online 24 hours a day 7 days a week

Apply online 24/7

Apply at any time - We can process your application 24 hours a day.

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Fast finance to grow your restaurant business

The restaurant industry is worth £39.9 billion to the UK economy, with over 88,000 restaurants and food establishments serving in this hospitality sector, according to a recent study by Statista Research Department.

With more than 1.7 million consumers visiting a restaurant at least once a week, it’s essential to invest in your business and stay ahead of your competition.

Restaurant owners face challenging times ahead, not only as it is a highly competitive industry but also in financing the business - especially in the wake of recent times, it has never been harder. But the UK hospitality industry is a tough and resilient sector, especially with alternative finance lenders by their side eager to help them adapt and grow through diversity.

That’s where we can help in the form of a merchant cash advance product. This type of funding is different from conventional restaurant business loans often offered by high street banks.

Instead of fixed monthly repayments, you make repayments as a percentage of future card sales each month until the loan is repaid in full. High approval rates and quick funding times make this a popular choice amongst restaurant owners across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

So, if you’re a top-end fine dining establishment or a smaller independent fast food takeaway, we can help provide you with the hassle-free cash boost you need to grow.

For a quote, fill out our simple application form.

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Business Loans for Restaurants - Small restaurant businesss taking card payment

Restaurant loans for any purpose such as:

  • Buying new kitchen equipment and other back of house equipment
  • Refurbishment and expanding your restaurant or dining area
  • Help boost your cash flow levels
  • Recruiting new chef's and front of house staff
  • Creating and printing new menus
  • Purchasing stock including food, tableware and kitchenware
  • Launch marketing and advertising campaigns to draw in new business
  • Building a new website with online table booking
  • Emergency repairs and maintenance

A restaurant business loan is a form of finance that is designed for restaurants, takeaways and other food establishment businesses in the hospitality industry. They are fundamentally business loans that are used by restaurant businesses to help with cash flow or to pay for expensive kitchen equipment, hiring new staff or refurbishment.

The product works with your customer debit and credit card sales. That means whenever a customer pays for their food and drink bill by card, a percentage of that sale will be used to repay the loan automatically.

If you have been hesitant to get restaurant funding because you’re worried about managing repayments, an advance could be perfect for you. With no fixed monthly repayments to worry about, you will only ever pay what you can afford because repayments fall directly in line with cash flow.

For example, if your restaurant has a quiet month, your repayments will naturally reflect that. This makes it great for seasonal businesses like restaurants, whose income naturally fluctuates throughout the year.

We offer restaurant funding options for all sorts of businesses in the hospitality industry within the UK and Ireland. We can help your startup or small business get quick access to finance without the hassle.

It doesn’t matter what type of restaurant you have. You could have anything from fast food places and takeaways to a fine dining restaurant, bistro or brasserie. We finance and cater for all types including Chinese, Indian, English, American, Japanese, Italian, Greek and French, plus many more.

As a restaurant owner with limited time to spare, this alternative business loan solution is ideal for you. With no lengthy paperwork or business plans to submit, the process is fast and stress-free, with funding in as little as 24 hours.

So if you are facing an emergency cash flow issue, we can help support you and get you back on track within hours, not weeks.

Have you already tried to apply for restaurant loans? Bad credit can put off some banks and other lenders. This product, however, is accessible and affordable, even if you have a poor credit rating.

There are no limits. Restaurant loans can be used for any purpose, from upgrading kitchen equipment or refurbishment to launching a brand new marketing campaign to draw new customers in. There are plenty of things to invest in to improve your restaurant that a business loan could help with.

Refurbishment and development of your restaurant

Keeping your restaurant in ‘tip-top’ condition, clean and contemporary will help bring in fantastic customer dining reviews. A customer wants to experience great food in a great restaurant environment. They will remember how good the food and the atmosphere was.

Expanding your dining area

Looking to create more table space in your restaurant? By expanding and developing your space, you could add more revenue to your yearly bottom line. An exterior extension, another upstairs floor, or an outdoor eating area - maybe even new premises altogether.

Funding for restaurant kitchens

By modernizing and upgrading your commercial kitchen equipment, you can become more efficient, therefore saving money and making more money in the long term. Investing in your kitchen appliances and kitchen layout with a business cash advance can help your foodservice business become even more productive.

Investing in staff

Employing a great head chef is key to any restaurant business. Having professional staff within your restaurant team makes all the difference to a customer's dining experience. You can use a restaurant loan to build a great hospitality team.

Marketing your restaurant

Having a great website with online booking is critical for modern restaurants and takeaways. There is so much competition online, and you need your restaurant business to be at the top of Google search as well as having easy functionality for online bookings and ordering. Employing a social media agency or handling marketing internally will require funding. Our funding can enable you to employ great professional photography, social media marketing via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Help with funding to print superb menus and advertise in magazines and local press.

Funding for new or upgrading restaurant booking systems

Use the restaurant business finance to invest in (POS) point of sale systems, booking and ordering systems. Restaurant Merchant payment terminals and other IT software.

Business Loans for a takeaway

The home delivery and takeaway market is booming, so why not maximize the potential of your restaurant business to cater to the takeaway food market? Get funding for vehicles, booking systems and extra staff.

Yes, if you're a restaurateur looking to expand your portfolio, you can use a business loan to help buy or start a restaurant. However, we can not support businesses that are not trading as the funding is raised against card sales.

No, a business plan is not required to make a decision. This saves you time and ultimately speeds up the lending process.

Yes, you can! If your restaurant or takeaway receives food orders via apps like JustEat or UberEats, you can get an business loan advance based on these customer card sales.

To see how much restaurant finance you could be eligible for, simply complete our online application form with a few basic details such as your business name, card sales turnover and contact details, and we’ll do the rest! You will then receive your free no-obligation quotes.

So, if you are looking for alternative business loans for restaurants, look no further. Apply today to ensure success and growth in a highly competitive market.

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Get funded in 24 hours

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