In Merchant Cash Advance, Pubs and Restaurants

We help hundreds of restaurants throughout the UK with the funding they need for cashflow, growth, marketing or refurbishment. In fact our business cash advance loans is dedicated funding for restaurants and can be used for any purpose.

The beauty about this type of funding is that it is unsecured. We don’t need to have security in place such as a business asset, business premises or personal property. It works purely on you restaurant’s card takings. There is a simple and straightforward application process and basic criteria that isn’t intrusive or lengthy at all.

In fact it is the opposite. Our professional team require some basic information such as monthly card turnover, time in business, type of business to offer you a full no obligation quote in as little as one hour you’ll have a decision.

The money is available usually within 24 hours but sometimes we can help fund the same day depending on how quickly we can process the application and what time of the day it is.

There are so many positives to take from using a merchant cash advance for funding for restaurants. In particular are the repayments. With a traditional bank loan you will be expected to repay the same agreed monthly amount to pay off the loan. This is regardless of how your business has performed across the month.

Now with this type of funding that we offer you only repay as and when you make a sale on your card sales. So, if you have a quieter month then you’ll repay less that month and if on the other hand you have a busier month then the loan is repaid quicker. You see we just agree a simple percentage payback from each future card sale. A figure that works for you and makes it comfortable to repay.

So don’t think your options for funding for restaurants is restricted to the high street banks. It’s not. We have already helped hundreds of small businesses with many being restaurants. Hospitality funding is especially perfect for this type of loan products as many in the sector have card machines and take credit/debit card sales. Apply for a free no obligation quote today.