Growing your business through no-nonsense marketing

Growing your business through no-nonsense marketing image

We see many businesses reaching a point in their timeline where they need to expand and take their business to the next stage. Whether that requires expanding their premises, taking on more staff to cope with the increase in business demand or pushing out a marketing campaign to increase awareness and sales there will always be a moment in the business lifestyle when the need arises.

Social marketing and content distribution

Many businesses benefit from utilising the professional services of a marketing agency. They indeed offer some clever ways to increase your market share. This may be through rebranding, re-engagement with your customer base, new advertising strategies and so on.

But rather than hand over the brief to the marketing agency for them to do a lot of the background work required you should be able to produce the market research yourself. You may even find that you can learn some great marketing strategies from other small business owners who have also been in your situation. Maybe with the right understanding and a little research, you may not need a marketing agency at all.

There are tried and tested approaches to marketing and the businesses that embrace the approach themselves are far more likely to succeed through honesty rather than a synthetic strategy that your customer will see right through.

So what are the secrets of growing your business through social marketing?

There are no secrets here only creative thinking, hard work and commitment. The first rule is to take an honest reflection of your business and understand where you are and where you want to be. Check out your competition on Facebook and Twitter and look at what they are doing well.

Embrace each social platform and join in with the conversations that are trending in your area. Don’t use any social platform to keep plugging your business, that’s not what social media is there for. Use social to give away advice, tips, experience and your own stories, perhaps.

If you are a restaurant perhaps, why not ask your chef to create a recipe and maybe a short video or a social story that you can distribute across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram? This will gain a far bigger reach than you telling people about your business or an offer your business is running.

This simple methodology exists across any business where you can add value to the lives of others on social media. Be the resource and the sales will follow naturally. You become a brand that people trust, follow and engage with. Your audience will grow naturally, and you will be rewarded with sales.

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