Retail Spending in Restaurants – The Facts

Retail Spending in Restaurants – The Facts image

Retail Spending in Restaurants - The Facts

As you can see from our lovely infographic the stats are a clear indication of positive spending in Restaurants in the UK (from 2014).

Over 222 million credit card transactions and a dizzying 906 million debit card transactions were placed through merchant PDQ machines the length and breadth of the UK.  The average spend from these figures totals £20 per transaction that’s £350 per person from 64.1 million of us for the year!

Retail Spending in Restaurants – The Facts
The restaurant market value is expected to reach £52 Billion in 3 years.

Restaurants saw the best performance of the year with a growth spurt of  17.4% overall.

Transaction volumes grew 23.5% and transaction values suggesting diners are treating themselves more often but spending less in order to do so. Takeaways benefitted from households ordering in, with online restaurant spend rocketing 52%.

The great news is that 2015 looks to be already improving these stats.  To celebrate why not take the family out tonight and increase our national transaction value from £20 to £30?

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