Revenue Advance

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A slightly different product to our Merchant Cash Advance whereby card sales are taken into account. A revenue advance product provides you with a flexible business loan that you repay based on future sales.

There is no fixed loan interest or capital, instead you pay a comfortable percentage of future sales until the loan is repaid. You agree a percentage of sale that you can comfortably repay and how often you can repay based on your sales figures. As a rule of thumb to identify how much we can lend you we calculate between one and two times your average monthly revenue. The funds can be used for anything your business requires, cashflow, marketing budget, tax billing and more. We can certainly help you with tailoring to your requirements.

You don’t have a fixed repayment schedule, remember your loan repayment is based on future sales. Contact us today to discuss which product works for you. If you do have a PDQ terminal perhaps you can look at our Merchant Loan product too. Apply today and receive fast approval and even faster funds – usually within seven days!

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