The top 17 free UK business directories for 2024

The top 17 free UK business directories for 2024 image

You don’t often get something for nothing in business, but we’ve compiled a list of the top free UK business directories for 2024. Directories where you can submit your information completely free! It’s a simple way to get the word out about your business and help people find you.

It’s also great for local citations (a fancy phrase for multiple consistent mentions of your business information on local business directories). This then helps search engines like Google to use these mentions as a trust signal and help you rank higher when people google for your business or area.

To ensure that you’re ranking as high as possible, you must keep all of your information consistent. Submitting different addresses or contact details will confuse Google, and you’ll be left off the list. Something you don’t want.

You’ll be asked to submit ‘NAP’ to every single directory. NAP – Name, Address, Phone Number – so always double-check that you’re using the right information, as it’s critical if you want to rank well for your local area.

So, here’s your handy little list of the top free UK business directories for 2024:

Google My Business

Google My Business – Listing Price: Free

You want to head straight for the king of the internet, Google. A massive 1.17 billion people use Google as their go-to search engine and its ranked number 1 in the UK, so it’s where you’ll want to start. You can also take advantage of google maps. When a user is searching for services or a business in your local area, you’ll also pop up. A considerable amount of traffic can be driven to your website just by being in the Google directory listings.

Bing Places Free UK Business Directory

Bing Places – Listing Price: Free

Google’s less popular little sister, but you don’t want to underestimate her. Bing Places for Business enables local business owners to add their listing. Again, helping create a consistent trust signal to make sure that you rank as high as possible for your business and area.

Yell Free UK Business Directory

Yell – Listing Price: Freemium

Gone are the days of rifling through that large yellow pages, it’s now gone online. Still a popular website, it’s ranked in the top 500 for the UK, so it’s somewhere that you want your business details to feature.

Yelp Free UK Business Directory

Yelp – Listing Price: Free

Easily confused with Yell but different. Yelp is a social directory that allows customers to review their favourite local places and businesses. It’s a great place for customers to decide whether they want to spend their money with you. It’s ranked in the top 800 most popular websites in the UK, so definitely one you want to choose when submitting your business information. Free UK Business Directory – Listing Price: Free

Your business may already be listed on here, but it’s good to check if there are any mistakes. It’s pretty much a one-stop shop for finding businesses or people, plus it’s ranked in the top 500 websites in the UK, so always worth being on there.

FreeIndex Free UK Business Directory

FreeIndex – Listing Price: Free

Freeindex is one of the most popular UK business directories in the UK with over 250,000 business members, 650,000 customer reviews and over 1.5m registered users. By completing more of your business profile, you can see your listing rank highly within the FreeIndex website.

Cylex UK Free Business Directory

Cylex UK – Listing Price: Free

Cyclex is an online business directory that was founded in 1998. They operate over 30 directories and claim they have more than 1 million visitors per day. Setting up a profile is simple, and features include contact details, website URL, social information, opening hours and much more. Visitors also have the ability to read and write reviews about the products and services that your business provides.

UK Small Business Directory

UK Small Business Directory – Listing Price: Free

The UK Small Business Directory offers free business listings and advertising with the option to upgrade your listing for enhanced visibility. With over 280,000 businesses already listed, it's a great directory to be on, especially with more and more people opting to use small businesses rather than run to the big ones.

Hotfrog Free Business Directory

Hotfrog – Listing Price: Free

Hotfrog is a way to find, book and review services from businesses around the UK. You can add your business details, so they’re easily found by those looking for your particular service in the local area. Join in with the community, write and receive business reviews from others with Hotfrog.

Facebook Free Business Pages and Directory

Facebook – Listing Price: Free

As the go-to social media platform for many people, getting your business on Facebook is a no-brainer. Facebook offers a free and easy way to create business pages and listings.

Facebook is one of the first contact points for some customers to find out more about a business, including reviews, locations, opening times, and to communicate directly with the company.

Bizify Free Business Directory

Bizify – Listing Price: Free

With over 700,000 live listings, Bizify is a free way for people to find and review local businesses in the UK. The directory aims to make your business easier to find by customers as the platform promotes your business, services and brand.

It’s not just a simple listing site, Bizify combines the use of local SEO with the information in business directories and social media accounts to help your company be found by the people who need it the most.

Opening Times Free Business Directory

Opening Times – Listing Price: Free

Opening Times fulfils a need that we all have at some point - to find out whether a shop or business is open today. It is a clear and useful service for those searching online for information about companies. They list the current opening times for businesses and include key information about Sunday opening hours, car parks and shopping centres in the local area.

OpenDi Free Business Directory

Opendi – Listing Price: Free

Opendi is a simple site that lists local businesses which can be filtered down by location and business type. You can join the thousands of other businesses, submit reviews and encourage others to review your service too.

Business Magent Free Business Directory

Business Magnet – Listing Price: Free

Join 140,000 members at Business Magnet, which lists thousands of businesses and suppliers in the local area. It makes your own company easier to find by others and also simplifies your own search for other businesses and suppliers. They list everything from consultancy services to hardware and tech supplies.

Each business has its own page with an about us section, opening hours, products/services available, reviews and a link to the website.

My Local Services Free Business Directory

My Local Services – Listing Price: Free

My Local Services is a business directory with listings rated and reviewed by real people. It’s a great place to have your business featured and to show off great reviews for other customers searching for the services or products you offer.

For those who need help or want to start networking online, they also have a forum where you can introduce yourself and get much-needed help and advice from other businesses.

Your County Council Business Directory

County Council Directories

Listing Price: Free

Most local councils will have their own directory where businesses can list their details, including location, opening hours and contact details to ensure they’re easy for customers to find.

You can also get information about other companies you’re interested in buying from or learning more about. Council directories are free and typically straightforward to get your business listed on, so they are definitely worth a try.

To find your local county council website visit:

Other Local County Business Directories

Other local county business directories

Listing Price: Usually Free

It’s always great to try and get onto your local county business directory. They usually promote you on their Facebook page too meaning you get seen by local people – result!

So, set aside an hour, get your information ready and start submitting today!

Before you go...

Don't forget to update all business directory listings if you have moved address, changed your phone number, social media accounts or other contact details. Keeping your details up-to-date and consistent is essential. Not only does it help with local SEO, but most importantly, it helps potential customers get in touch with you.

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