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Could it be that Chris Froome and his recent win of The Tour de France has really single-handedly catapulted British cycling awareness on a new journey that is now helping small cycle shops up and down the UK with record sales?

Or could it be the legacy from the 2012 London Olympics where Great Britain also competed at the highest level and rode away victorious with no less than 12 olympic medals?

Helped on by some of the big names in cycling promoting their brands through many advertising channels or pushed on by big name retailers also promoting cycling to a large audience only for savvy consumers to shop around their local high street.

Top Gear for Bike shop loans

Was it the governments pledge last year in stating they wanted to “bring cycling down from the Alps and onto British streets”…

The Deputy Prime Minister quotes “The inspiration and legacy of the 2012 Olympics and the Tour de France starting in Yorkshire this year has started a revolution in cycling for everyone, not just in velodromes, not necessarily in lycra, but for going to school or to work or to the shops.

I’m committed to helping our dream of becoming a cycling nation, similar to places like Denmark and the Netherlands, become a reality…”

The answer has to be yes to a mix of all factors. The UK is riding high in the cycling circles as world leader, dominant in their home grown sport.

So it’s no wonder that we are currently helping many small cycling shops up and down the UK on a weekly basis now requiring specialised unsecured bike shop loans. Small business bike shop owners are requiring more stock, helping with cashflow and marketing activity to capture even more sales. In one instance one cycle store owner need a business advance to pay for a larger storefront in an old paint utility warehouse.

The refurbishment needed around £80,000 to create what the owner was looking for, our underwriting team acted quickly and funded the project in a week allowing him to pay for the work to begin. We are happy to report that since January the new store has increased sales dramatically and helped grow the business to a point where the loan was paid back easily.

In many cases we help out with smaller loans from £3000 to £50k on average. But when larger funding is required quickly and without a fuss we can help.  To apply for a bike shop unsecured loan apply for a quote here.

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