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Infographic - UK Restaurant Card Statistics 2014 - Infographic

Over the years, card-based payments have become increasingly popular amongst consumers. This infographic gives you a brief insight into the break down of debit card and credit card statistics within the UK restaurant industry last year in 2014.

Debit Card Vs Credit Card Sales

The total credit and debit card value in restaurants by consumers hit £22.5 billion. £7.5 billion was made by credit card sales, only 33 percent, compared to the more popular debit card which hit a massive £15 billion – That’s 66 percent of the total.

Debit cards – the most popular payment choice in UK restaurants

906.9 million transactions were made by debit cards and only 222.2 million transactions were made by credit card, making the average value per transaction of £20.

Lets put that into perspective, with the UK population of 64.1 million, the average person spent £350 in restaurants last year, that’s just under £30 per month, or approximately £7 every week.

With consumers ever growing interest in food, industry experts predict that the restaurant market value will expect to reach over £52 billion in under 3 years.