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  • Pay back through future card sales
  • Unsecured – there’s no worry
  • Same day business funding

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Small business loans for auto repair shops

Whether you’re looking to expand your garage or MOT test centre, refurbish or buy new machinery, equipment or tools - you need healthy cash flow and access to no-fuss borrowing. A merchant cash advance provides such a solution and is ‘the’ flexible business loan you need.

We’ve already helped many independent garages in the UK access the funds they need - with many using the service more than one.  It’s a simple, straightforward product - no hidden fees, penalties or other surprises down the road.  Read on to find out how it could help your garage access the funding it needs to grow.

Works with your existing PDQ card machine

Works with your card sales

Unlock funding from £3,000 up to £300,000 against your customer card sales.

Flexible repayments - repay when you sell

Flexible repayments

Automatically repay a small percentage when customers purchase by card – There are no fixed payments.

Unsecured finance - No asset security required

No asset security required

The advance is unsecured, so your business assets are safe.

Keep 100% of cash transactions

Fast funding

A quick decision and process mean you can access your money in just 24 hours* after approval.

No hidden costs

No hidden costs

The cost of finance is made clear to you upfront. There are no hidden costs, confusing APR’s or other nasty charges.

Apply online 24 hours a day 7 days a week

Apply online 24/7

Apply at any time - We can process your application 24 hours a day.


 Quick Decision with No Obligation

Merchant Loan Advance Customer Reviews - ExcellentMerchant Loan Advance Customer Reviews - ExcellentMerchant Loan Advance Customer Reviews - Excellent

Fast and flexible finance for your Garage business

With an ever-increasing volume of cars on the road today - 38.7 million licensed road vehicles in Great Britain according to the  Department for Transport, the demand for servicing and mechanical care of these vehicles is higher than ever, and so is the competition.

There are more than 42,000 service locations of all types employing over 64,000 qualified MOT testers in the UK. These figures are growing, so it’s vital to invest to stay ahead of the competition when so many new garages are popping up around your local area.

We know that when it comes to investing in your garage business, there is a lot to consider. Whether it’s an initial purchase to take the company forward or you are updating your old garage equipment, there is a lot to finance.

By investing correctly, you know that you can improve the quality and speed of service you provide to your customers.  You may also need business funding for general day-to-day cash flow issues that all small businesses face from time to time.  Whatever the reason for the finance, we can help.

As many garage customers pay their bills by credit and debit cards, a merchant cash advance could be a great funding option for you.

A cash advance has many benefits, for example, when your business is having a slow month on sales, you pay back less because your card receipts are low. And, when you are busier than normal, you pay back a bit quicker. This makes the product a truly flexible business loan - as opposed to a traditional bank loan where fixed monthly payments have to be met whether the business has had a poor trading period.

We’ve already helped many garages, mobile mechanics and MOT service stations across the UK unlock finance they need to grow. Not only has our garage loan helped them once, but many use the service over again as the ability to ‘top-up’ or renew their loan is even easier than the initial application itself! This is due to the lender being confident in the repayment history and therefore able to give quick, hassle-free service.


 Quick Decision with No Obligation

Business Loans for Garages and MOT service centres - Mechanic replacing alloy wheel on car

Garage loans for any purpose, such as:

  • Improve cash flow, ensure wages and bills are paid on time
  • Garage equipment finance for MOT Test Bay / Automated Test Lanes (ATL)
  • Funding for Vehicle Lifts, Roller Brake Testers
  • Finance for Wheel balancers and Tyre changing equipment
  • Motorcycle MOT Bays and other motorcycle equipment
  • Invest in trained mechanics and other employees
  • Refurbishments, renovations and extensions to your premises
  • Purchase new garage tools and diagnostic software from the likes of Snap-on
  • Build a new website to help create more customers

The loan repayments are taken from your future card transactions when your customer pays you. There is an agreed percentage from each sale which will be taken from your credit/debit machine payments as and when you take a payment.  

For example, you service a customer’s vehicle, and the bill comes to £300. When the customer pays you using their credit or debit card through your merchant machine or (PDQ terminal), a percentage of that sale goes straight back to the lender.  Let’s say, in this instance, it's 10%, so £30 is repaid on your loan, and you keep £270.

There is no up-front cost, no hidden charges, and no surprises. The application process is easy and can be done online in a matter of minutes.  

For a quote, fill out our simple application form.

Funding for a garage can be as quick as 24 hours* when using a cash advance.  If you have your latest 3 months card/merchant statements to hand and you’re happy to proceed after receiving your quote, the funding can be with you in just a couple of days, start-to-finish.

There’s no need to wait around for weeks for finance when you can access between £3,000 and £300,000 almost instantly.

Even if you have a poor business credit rating, we can help you. Your business is still eligible for this type of financial support, even with a poor credit history.  We’ve helped many businesses find funding - even with poor personal or business credit.

We do not require a business plan from you - as a cash advance works based on just a few facts such as industry sector, card turnover, how long in business, and UK based.  It’s so straightforward!

Some financial providers such as banks and other lenders require you to submit a business plan, which can mean the loan process is long and drawn out. With a merchant cash advance, that’s not the case. This saves you time and offers a speedy lending process.

A merchant cash advance is an unsecured form of borrowing which means that you won’t need to own a property or use other assets to secure against the borrowing. 

You can indeed use this type of funding for equipment or machinery purchases. We’ve helped many garages do this already.  There are various options of funding out there when it comes to financing equipment for your garage: asset finance, lease finance, traditional bank loans and more.  However, our product is very straightforward and offers a true flexible lending method compared to these other options.  You may also be considering leasing/hiring garage equipment due to the cost.  By funding the purchase instead, you may be able to negotiate a better price from your garage equipment supplier.

From MOT Test Bay / Automated Test Lanes (ATL), MOT testing computers, Vehicle Lifts, Roller Brake Testers, Headlight Beam Testers, Emission Testers, Wheel balancers and tyre changers - all not cheap items by any means! By investing correctly, you know that you can improve the quality and speed of service to your loyal customers. 

To find out how much finance you could secure for your business, complete our easy application form. After we’ve got a few basic details from you, we’ll get back to you quickly with a no-obligation quote. You can review it and ask for any further details from our friendly team of advisors.


 Quick Decision with No Obligation

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"We’ve already helped many garages and MOT service stations across the UK unlock finance they need to grow"

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It's as easy as 1-2-3!

The process is fast, simple and straightforward. It's hassle-free, meaning there's no complicated paperwork to complete so you can focus on growing your business.

Step 1 - Apply online in minutes


Apply online in minutes

Apply online for a cash advance from £3,000 up to £300,000 for any business purpose.

Step 2 - Get funded in 24 hours


Get funded in 24 hours*

The merchant cash advance can be with you in as little as 24 hours* after approval.

Step 3 - Pay back only when you sell to your customers


Repay only when you sell

You simply pay back a small percentage of your future card sales as they happen. You only repay when you sell.


 Quick Decision with No Obligation

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