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Supporting British Businesses

It’s no secret that the pub industry can either make or break you. Some survive but many wont. There’s no simple winning formula to success in this world, but being prepared financially for the challenges ahead will set you on the right track.

An innovative alternative to a business loan

Even the the country’s most successful pubs need a cash injection every so often, and many use the benefits of a merchant cash advance. Pubs need to be able to embrace change as and when required, and having the funds available to do so can make all the difference.

Unlike traditional pub business loans, a merchant cash advance is linked to your future credit and debit card sales. It has no APR, it’s unsecured and all your cash payments are not taken into account.

If you’re a pub owner, you understand people. Socialising is often a huge part of the pub industry. So why does lending become an incredibly impersonal business? If banks and lenders offered the customer service you do we all might be in a better economic climate right now, but unfortunately lending has become a detached machine, with little care for the individuals.

Having the funds to expand your pub can become a nightmare, when it should be an exciting time for you and your business. The work of a pub owner is never ending; we understand you don’t want one more thing to worry about. That is why our Pub business cash advance offers a simple and clear loan solution to small UK Public House and restaurant businesses.

A merchant cash advance could help your pub business grow

It’s easy to apply for and we are honest with our customers. We offer finance from £3000 to £300,000, you will receive a one off sum for how much your loan will cost. We do not hide any charges and you will have no surprises at the end of the month.

Flexible repayments that work inline with your pub sales

Advances are different than your usual pub business loans because your repayments come from your future credit/debit card transactions. You agree upon a percentage of the card payments to dedicate to your loan installments, a percentage you are comfortable with.

So as your day-to-day business goes on, your loan will be paid off bit by bit. We work with your business, not against it. Our aim is to help expand UK businesses, and this funding solution allows for that future.

Requires no asset security

The advances are not secured, so none of your personal assets are in danger. We offer a fresh way of lending, a way that is not out to trick you out of money or gain your assets, but that supports the economic growth of small businesses. As Brits get back to doing what we do best, because once again we can afford to enjoy a night at the pub, your business is set to grow. If you survived the rough times, it’s time to make the most of the economic climate.

But of course you only get out what you put in, so if investment is on your mind have a look at our application process. The merchant cash advance application can be done online and only takes a matter of minutes. If you’re eligible we will look forward to helping your business expand.

Funding Britain's Small Businessses

We’ve helped 1000’s of businesses like yours get the funding they need for:

  • Training new staff
  • Purchasing new stock or equipment
  • Refurbishing the premises
  • Helping with cash flow
  • Recruiting new staff
  • Building a website
  • Advertising
  • Relocation
  • Emergency repairs
  • and much, much more!
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