Uber Eats for restaurant businesses in the UK

Uber Eats for restaurant businesses in the UK image

Uber Eats for restaurant businesses in the UK

Have you considered using an uber style delivery service for your restaurant? Fast taxi service Uber and it's food delivery app, Uber Eats gives you the opportunity to do just that.  Making seamless, fast delivery an option for restaurant and takeaway businesses, whether they’re big or small.

Spanning across the UK's towns and cities, the service allows food businesses to get access to independent couriers or use their delivery drivers. The customer won’t know which is which, but it’s not important to them. Quick, reliable service without the need to talk to another human being is what they want, and Uber Eats is meeting their needs with their new app.

Grow your restaurant delivery service

Initially, the app was only available to restaurants who didn’t have their delivery drivers and needed access to independent couriers. This new development means food companies can now grow their business more quickly than they could have ever imagined. Uber Eats users will now have a substantial collection of eateries to choose from. Where once a restaurant may have struggled, they can now (virtually) open up their doors to so many more customers. Already partnered with 10,000 restaurants across the UK, Uber Eats expects this number to increase further into 2021.

Sign your UK restaurant up for Uber Eats

To find out more about using the Uber Eats service for your restaurant – take a look here.

The ease and simple set up has businesses scrambling to get on, with Uber Eats making a few more changes to the app too. A new service fee structure is in place and self-service sign up tool making it quicker and easier for restaurants to create an account and start taking orders.

This didn’t happen overnight though. Uber has been quietly watching the food delivery industry for a while now. Just Eat have dominated for a fair few years and they wanted in on that action. In February last year, Just Eats share slipped by 5% after Uber Eats announced it would cut the fees it charges restaurants, to just 13%, undercutting Just Eat by 1%. So it looks like they’re fighting for that market share.

Restaurant Food delivery service providers

The food delivery market has not stopped growing and is expected to be worth £10bn by 2021. This gives small and medium businesses great scope to grow and tap into a market that may have been out of reach for them previously. Toussaint Wattinne general manager of Uber Eats UK & Ireland mentions that he ‘wants to help as many restaurants as possible open their virtual doors and unlock the value of their business with food delivery’. This means selection is enhanced for users, restaurants can gain more customers and Uber Eats makes more money. Everyone wins right?

Uber Eats support during Covid19

“The high street is being hit hard by Coronavirus but the sector can play a critical role in helping the thousands of people who rely on it – for work and as an essential service – during this difficult time,”

“We are putting in place a range of initiatives to continue to support restaurant partners, particularly small business owners, as they keep their kitchens firing to feed people across the country.” said Uber Eats UK General Manager, Toussaint Wattinne.

The support package was welcomed in 2020 which included free delivery for all independent restaurants with many more that operate on the Uber Eats app in order to help drive orders towards over 15,000 small and medium businesses.

Uber Eats vs Just Eat

But there may be a few teething problems for Uber Eats at first. After paying couriers and restaurants, the share Uber Eats keeps from the food deliveries is lower than what they take on the taxi side of their business. By undercutting their rivals like Just Eat, they’re taking a big hit but it’s obviously one their willing to take.

Takeaway apps for restaurant business in the UK

Other ‘takeaway’ apps have taken note and upped their game in a bid for majority market share. Door Dash and Postmates, both operating in the US have launched subscription offers, wavering the delivery fee on orders if the customer pays a flat monthly fee. Could Uber Eats head in this direction too?

Virtual restaurant – start up paradise!

Plus, people who find themselves with extra kitchen space and an entrepreneurial spirit can also get in on the action by setting up as a ‘virtual restaurant’ and offering delivery only menus for customers. Meaning consumers get an even bigger choice of places to order from.

It’s an exciting time for food delivery. Consumers are getting everything they could wish for and it’s only going to get bigger.

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