How To Employ Staff The Smart Way

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When it comes to growing your business there may come at time when need to consider employing more staff. You may be venturing from a single sole trader entity into the world of employee management. For some small businesses who are on the fringes or requiring extra resource the idea of employing someone can feel terrifying. Even businesses who have a small employment base already, by adding an extra member of staff can indeed help the business grow but get it wrong and you can find yourself in a whole world of pain.

Getting the right candidates in the first place is crucial and this part will offer you the very best chance to pick from the very best of the bunch who apply. So it’s so important to nail the role profile and what you expect from the position before calling the first recruitment agency or placing your first advert.

To soften the legalities that surround employing staff you may like to consider options that may not be at the forefront of your mind. A try before you buy approach is a great way to think about long term employment. Try getting in touch with your local college or University and speak with their careers team. They may have their own opportunities for mini or lengthy work placements that could lead to long term employment. Some of these longer term placements are known as internships.

The beauty with internships for small businesses is that you have flexibility away from standard employment laws and if the hand doesn’t fit the glove so to speak you can talk to the college or University to cut short the placement. Another positive with internships is that you can find that your business can tap into the resource of the University including lecturers, white papers, projects and technology that may be of help to the running of your business.

Good interns benefit from the experience they receive and your business benefits from individuals keen to make a good impression. By the time the placement period is nears its conclusion you would of had plenty of time to quantify the value of the resource, how they fitted into your business, what was their character like after week two etc.

You could also try talking to the likes of government careers services. In a past business we took on candidates through a scheme called GoWales which proved to be a great success for both our business and the candidates who are all in full time employment. We paid minimum wage and other employee benefits and were able to gain access of 50% funding. Details of this scheme are here

There are other schemes including commercially backed schemes from independent businesses. Take a look at The Santander Universities SME Internship.

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