Pub out of pocket by £600 due to card machine left in training mode

Pub out of pocket by £600 due to card machine left in training mode image

A North Wales Pub has been left out of pocket due to leaving their card processing machine in training mode over the bank holiday weekend.

The staff at The Holland Hotel, Llanfachraeth in Anglesey took over £600 in till receipts via their credit card machine which was set in ‘training mode’. Pubs obviously take card machine payments for drinks and meals, and, over a bank holiday weekend, the pub was full of customers.

The management team of Liz Mangan and husband Stephen has asked customers to ‘be honest’ and get in touch to hopefully pay their bill again – this time with the payment being correctly processed.

“On Saturday, we accidentally left our card machine on training mode, which meant that all the payments of all the customers who paid by the card that day didn’t get processed. We’ve lost out by over £600, which is obviously a massive blow for any small business.

“It would have been a blow whenever it happened, but to happen on a bank holiday weekend makes it that much worse,” stated Liz.

One or two customers have come forward so far, but it’s hardly made a dent on the loss. Another local pub has been great. The Sail Loft in Amlwch, Anglesey, have raised funds and donated the cash to help them out – a great gesture from one pub to another.

If you are a pub or restaurant and you use merchant card terminals, always make sure your staff are 100% confident with their use and double check they are never set to training unless that is, of course, you are training your staff.

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