Vintage and Antique Emporium Business Loan

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Finding the right vintage and antique emporium business loan can be an exhaustive task, especially if you’ve already approached your bank. Conventional bank loans have become difficult to obtain as they can have strict underwriting criteria and payback returns which don’t always favour the business seeking finance.

In the alternative finance sector, there are many more ways to find great funding products rights for your vintage and antique emporium business. Loans such as a merchant cash advance are the perfect solution, especially for companies who generate sales on credit and debit card transactions.

We have helped a few vintage and antique businesses with the funding they require to grow. First and foremost, a business cash advance is unsecured, which means you don’t have to secure a personal or business asset such as a property against the funding to qualify.

It works with your cash flow, so when sales of antiques or vintage memorabilia have been a bit slow for the month, your business will pay less off the advance for that month. If your business has a good month, then the funding will be paid off quicker.

Maybe you need new or bigger premises for your antiques and vintage emporium business, maybe you need to buy more stock at auction, maybe you need funding for marketing or looking for alternative finance for a van.

Let’s say, for example, your vintage and antique emporium business loans £20,000. A set repayment figure is agreed with the team. As an example, a repayment figure of £24,600. The team will discuss a percentage of each future card transaction that sits comfortably with your business cash flow, such as 10%. For each £100 you make on card sales, £10 is automatically paid off your advance, and £90 is paid into your business bank account until the advance is repaid.

There are no hidden fees, no application fees, no hidden charges or early or late repayment penalties. Just one upfront agreed charge followed by repayments that work with your business cashflow.

We enjoy helping small businesses find the funding they need to grow. Finding the right vintage and antique emporium business loan is just a couple of clicks away. Apply for a no obligation quote today, and we will be in touch with a quick decision. We help fund over 90% of all applications that qualify.

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