5 Beauty Salon Marketing Hacks

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5 Beauty Salon Marketing Hacks for your business

Running a beauty salon business is a busy lifestyle, keeping customers loyal to your business, drumming up footfall, marketing the business both online and offline, looking after staff, dealing with administration, stock ordering, tax accounting and more. It’s difficult to fit the required time into marketing.

The truth is that marketing for your beauty salon is the most important part of your business. To show off your beauty technician and stylists creative talents, to get stand out amongst the competition and leverage the greatest reach online. As a guide, we’ve helped by giving you some ideas to really maximise your brand identity reach for your business.

Hack One.

Social Influencers.

These are individuals who have a large social following. Check out their Instagram following and if the numbers are large click on their Instagram bio, then click on those three little dots in the top right-hand corner and send them a direct message. Invite them in for FREE and pamper them in return for a post out to their thousands of followers. Believe me, your ROI will reach a lot further than traditional advert spends.

Hack Two.

The Selfie Station.

Mirror mirror on the wall – who’s the best at marketing of them all?

Create a mirror or picture frame with your HASHTAG and logo across the top. #my’beautysalon’selfie.

Once the look has been created perhaps a before and after shot – your customers will love to strike their pose and share on social.

Hack three.

Brand each Day.

Looking to boost sales across a difficult period? Try looking at branding each day of the week and add discount codes for each day. i.e., Manicure Monday, Tootsy Tuesday, Waxing Wednesday, Tanning Thursday, Facial Friday, Sexy Saturday etc

Hack four.

Friend Referrals.

‘The greatest form of flattery is a referral’, or maybe that should be ‘discount’.

A classic approach to drumming up more business. Refer a friend rewards the customer with a discount based on if the friend converts to a customer. You can look at doing this as a one-off or have the customer refer as many as they like.

Hack five.

Be more creative with your email broadcast.

Having customers email and or mobile phone numbers is a great way to market to an existing customer. You may be discussing a product or service or filling a quiet period. Reach ‘opted in’ customers efficiently and quickly. If you collect customers detail including their Birthdays you can soon send them a birthday card or message with a discount code. The more customers on your database, the better! If you are looking to grow your beauty or hair salon, we offer funding solutions via your credit card terminal. To see how this could work for your business click here.

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