5 essential small business apps you should own

5 essential small business apps you should own image

Streamline your business processes, make your working day more automated and make marketing a cinch with these 5 essential small business apps you should own.

1. Quickbooks
If money management isn’t your forte, then Quickbooks will be a welcome addition to your company. It’s accounting software that makes the running of your business a little bit smoother and helps you get an accurate representation of the overall financial health of your business.

How do small businesses track expenses?

You can use it to track sales and expenses, pay your employees and suppliers plus view financial statements all from your smartphone, iPad or laptop!

You can easily connect it to thousands of accounts including your business bank account, credit card or PayPal. If the mere thought of business taxes gives you a headache, Quickbooks simplifies this as it lets you upload photos of your receipts straight from your phone and tracks expenses on the go, making your life simple.

2. Grammarly
Ever sent an email to someone important and realised that it’s littered with mistakes? Now you don’t need to worry. Grammarly is an automated grammar checker, meaning it checks your errors in real-time! It quickly scans the text you’ve written for common and more grammatical slip-ups, giving you a chance to edit and save yourself any embarrassment.

Not exclusive to emails, Grammarly checks absolutely everything because it can be integrated into any popular word processor.

This means it even grammar checks your tweets, social media posts, and anything you write online! It was first designed for educational purposes meaning it also has a plagiarism checker. Sign up to the free version and it will make sure everything you type is clear, essential and most importantly, mistake-free.

What are the best writing apps?

Complimentary apps that you should also check out:

Google Docs




A great addition to any business when you need your marketing material to look professional. It’s simple to use, and they have clear tutorials for anyone who gets a bit stuck. You can choose to design social media posts, presentations, flyers, email headers, even menus; it is a one-stop-shop for all your design needs.

You also have access to over 8,000 templates and millions of free images and icons to add to your designs. If you have a few team members on board, you can invite them onto your Canva, meaning anyone can edit the designs, saving you time and stress. Need to resize your designs and upload custom fonts for your brand?

No problem! This helps you keep everything consistent. Plus, it’s completely free! You can choose to upgrade to get extra features like logo design, but the basic version should meet all your small business needs.

Ever wanted all your customers’ details in one place and make shiny mailshots without the stress? MailChimp is great for making newsletters and mailshots. Its user-friendly template system allows you to create professional-looking mailshots to send out to your contact list and even helps build and manage your mailing lists, so you never get overwhelmed.

You can even segregate your contacts into groups so they aren’t receiving information that’s completely irrelevant to them, meaning your unsubscribe rate should stay low. Result! It’s super easy to add your logo and graphics, all you have to do is decide how it should look. Add headings, text boxes and contact boxes where you can input your social media details, meaning customers can seamlessly click through from one to the other.

Plus, it’s also free! Meaning you get to use the money you’ve saved on something more important! After the hard work is done, Mailchimp supplies you with performance reports, meaning you can see how popular the email was, the click-through rate and where you can improve.

Need room to store and share files? Dropbox is an obvious choice for you. It allows you to transfer big files to others with ease plus is fairly quick too! With 500 million users and 200,000 businesses using it, it must be good! It works using the cloud and is super reliable.

Best of all, it’s completely free! You don’t need to expect any upfront charges, and when you register, they’ll automatically give you 2 gigabytes of storage space — plenty for your business needs.

Bonus App Ideas:


Slack is a great way to communicate in a fluid form with your team or clients.  Slack is one of the most popular communication apps in 2020. When you work with Slack, you are able to create different communication channels, create group messages, and take meetings with a slack channel.


If it's online meetings you're looking for then Zoom.us is your 'go-to' app. It took off in 2020 as so many people started working from home during Covid19 pandemic.  Group meetings where you can have up to 1000 video participants in HD too! Or, perfect for one-to-one meetings. Zoom is taken centre stage in 2020 and should be a critical part of your essential app list.

We hope you enjoyed our article ‘5 essential small business apps you should own’ and they are helping you to become more efficient in your business.  Whilst you are here take a look at the link below – another great resource for you to list your business in 2020.

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