5 great tips to keep you and your business in great shape

5 great tips to keep you and your business in great shape image

The beginning of a new year always brings enthusiasm and optimistic energy, but you could find yourself burning out as the months roll forward. Here’s 5 great tips to keep you and your business in great shape this year.

1 Keep in good shape

Keeping yourself in good shape keeps your family and business in shape too. Running a business can be exhausting, especially in the early years – wearing too many hats can leave you feeling mentally and physically tired at the end of each day. Grabbing a bite to eat ‘when you can’ also leaves your body clock out of tune, so it’s really important to strike a balance both for you, your family and your business

So make a simple plan, nothing too crazy, just something that fits in with your day-to-day life – and if you think you literally don’t have ANY spare time, you need to make some for yourself ASAP. I found that getting a dog forced me to start walking more often, it’s an encouraging responsibility, and the fresh air gives you time to think in a relaxed environment without distraction

2 Add 30 mins to your sleep

Go to sleep half an hour earlier. That means staying off the iPad, laptop or phone in bed as blue light. The wavelength of such devices can disrupt the body clock by preventing the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. If you need to read to relax your mind, then try reading a printed book where the only light is reflective from the pages.

If you have teenage kids, you may want to express this concern to them too, they are in a group who naturally have a late body clock, and by adding the blue light to the mix, they suffer badly the next day. Turn off devices at a certain time in the evening, grab an old fashioned alarm clock for the morning wake up call that doesn’t beep, chime or ping through the night when your Facebook page gets a notification! Try for one month and see the results.

3 Breathe deeply

Focus on the rising and falling of your breath for a minute whenever you feel tense. Try to relax and take stock of the situation. Maybe try to introduce meditation techniques into your day, check it out as it’s has PROVEN benefits, trust me.

4 Focus on the positives

Focus on the positives in your life. Look at what’s working and what isn’t. Let go of the things that you are struggling with and try something different. Replace negative energy with positivity. Engage with people who share positive thoughts and spend less time listening to the people who talk you down from your dream cloud.

5 Family or ‘you’ time

Change stuff around. Try a new hobby that engages you with a new social group, get involved with a local initiative even as a mentor for a rewarding sense of well being.

If you have kids, try introducing them to new hobby groups that are great for your relationship and their welfare. They can also open up interesting social circles and friendships.

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