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There is no doubt right now that owning your own Beauty Salon in a very competitive market has it’s challenges. In this blog we give you some tips and business knowledge that may be beneficial to your business.

Review your plan regularly.

Is your operating budget as tight as it can be?

Can you review your suppliers and get a better deal on the supplies coming into your business.

Is it time to have a chat with your landlord and see if they can offer a better deal?

Sometimes landlords can help by lowering the rent at agreed review periods.

What about Training?

Can you provide training internally rather than put out to external companies? Sometimes the government have incentives for training – contact your local county business advisors or national government support lines.

Review your charges. Is it time to increase?

Maybe investigate your competition and do some market research. By adding extra value services or products you can camouflage that price increase.

Can you increase your open times and fit in evening services or weekend services?

Broaden your services and set yourself apart from the competition and to gain more customers. You can get further qualifications and skills for nails, hair and beauty so that you can offer more than a single service. Customers like to feel that you can look after all aspects rather than go off to other individual business for extra services. Think about broadening your scope of services.

Engage with online marketing. Use Social media to promote your business. Push offers and services through social media and ask your friends list to like your page or post. This way more people will see your posts and share them to more potential customers. Jump onto to Twitter, engage in conversations with other people in your area. Look for ‘influencers’ (people with a high social following in your area). Produce engaging tweets to those influencers and they mat Retweet your message to their large Twitter following. Use Instagram to show off your work (with your customer’s consent). It’s amazing how people like flicking through these images and again it’ a great way to engage new customers.

Get social on the high street. Ask other businesses in the area to advertise your services with a poster or leaflets on their counter in return for a similar poster or leaflet in your salon.

Add value for your customers with a loyalty card / scheme. 6 or 7 visits and you receive your next visit FREE for example. Add a voucher to receipts for customers to return.

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