Best Businesses For ‘Mumpreneurs’

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Being a mum involves many, many roles. In fact there would be far too many to list here but we all know what is involved on a day to day basis. So how can a busy mum add workload and make a leap into mumpreneurship? Well, it seems many are due to the fact that parents are seasoned problem solvers, superb at absorbing information, planning daily schedules and basically getting stuff DONE!

These are he fundamentals for any entrepreneur. Add a great idea that you feel passionate about to your strengths and you are away.

Starting your own business whether it’s for flexibility, financial necessity or love of what you are passionate about taking the leap isn’t such a biggie.

So what are the best businesses for ‘Mumpreneurs’

For the creative Mumpreneur…

You may enjoy making use of your writing skills, artistic flair for craft, baking or music, this list is almost endless for those who would like to tap into their creative talents.
For the techie Mumpreneur…

Maybe you are the type of parent who can fix or figure out just about anything of a technology nature. In our ever evolving online world there are endless possibilities such as website design, coding, app development or tech repair. These services are always in high demand and are a great starting point for small business start-ups.
For the healthy Mumpreneur…

Parents with a passion for fitness can tap into this lucrative market. Fitness studio owners, personal trainers, nutrition consultants, yoga classes and more. You could even think about joining affiliate programs to help sell in products online or alongside your business.

For the Mumpreneur who’s into beauty…

Starting and running your own beauty therapy business, nails, hair and make-up are one of the biggest services providers in the UK. Running from home is a good starting point before launching your own salon of course. Word of mouth and positive marketing can help build a very loyal customer base.

Maths Mumpreneur’s…

Are you a parent who is great with numbers? Maybe look towards accounting services, tax preparation and bookkeeping services – with the right certification these are always a great business to start from home.

Remember however to try and keep your business separate from your family life. Sometimes the two don’t mix well and you can find that your family can suffer. Make your plan for the next day and work your plan. Have a cut off time for family. Outsource the bits you can’t handle and most of all have fun!

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