Black Friday sales are expected to exceed £1Billion

Black Friday sales are expected to exceed £1Billion image

This year Black Friday sales are expected to exceed £1Billion.  Retailers are looking forward to November 27th like never before with the 24 hour period expected to dwarf anything seen before.  Black Friday sales marks the true start of the the gift buying season with many retailers hammering down their prices to kick start the buying ready for Christmas.  Until now Boxing Day was the biggest sales day and still remains a giant of a day too however Black Friday is the day of all retail days.

Bay announced that they expect a whopping 9 million of the British public to hit their website alone buying a staggering 25 items a second!  Online sales are forecasted to reach £966 million with offline increasing that target to £1.39 Billion.

Just to put this into perspective last year in the UK also Black Friday netted sales of £9,375 every second.

So how can your business cash in on Black Friday shopping power?

The trick is start EARLY.  Take a leaf from Amazon’s book.  They had deals launching in the weeks running up to Black Friday.  These online deals were announced every 10 minutes in the fortnight before Black Friday.

Look to run an advertising campaign using the power of the Black Friday slogans available.  Remember that this is about big savings and in turn you can create great awareness for your brand or shop.

Black Friday isn’t just for online commerce websites either.  Many high street stores both large and small jump on the Black Friday bandwagon – and why not?  You may just be selling coffee – why not join in and run a promotion for the day? New customers would be keen to try and you’ll retain new customers thereafter.  This applies to many businesses out there both large and small.  Use the power of Black Friday to your advantage – the countdown has well and truly started!!

Black Friday is on 27th November (2015) and will last for 24 hours (officially).  You however can start the ball rolling now. Good luck!

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