Boost restaurant bookings on a Monday and Tuesday

Boost restaurant bookings on a Monday and Tuesday image

5 tips to Boost restaurant bookings on a Monday and Tuesday

There are many ways to increase footfall to your restaurant. Some of these tips may or may not work for your area depending on the type of city, town or village where your business resides.

We see many smaller restaurants struggle early in the week, namely Mondays and Tuesdays with filling table reservations. Logically, many people choose the weekend to spend their money and splash out on dining out. So it leaves a gap at the beginning of each week, in some cases we see restaurants close to Mondays and Tuesdays. It doesn’t have to be that way.

So here are some ideas and marketing thoughts that can help your restaurant over these quiet days.

1.Local Groups and Clubs

Look towards local clubs or groups. Many clubs meet once a week, once a month and so on. Reach out to all the clubs in your area. You could offer them a discounted set menu, a perk for club members and great for your business. A busy Tuesday night photo on Twitter and Facebook will give the impression that your restaurant is thriving!

2. Happy Hour

Happy Hour doesn’t have to be all about alcohol; it can be about smaller snack menu items such as Tapas for example. Lay on a happy hour menu with discounted drinks, fill the window seat first, and the rest will follow.

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3. Discounts, coupons and Groupon

If you run a Groupon style discount offer, you should think about limiting the dates to the quieter days of the week. Then, make sure you collect opted-in customer details for future marketing. The issue with most restaurants who jump into discount coupons is they don’t maximise the prospective repeat customer. Make sure you have contact details to send them a message, newsletter or offer for next time.

4. Try a unique menu

Quiet days is a great time to try out new menu ideas. Sit down with your chef and devise a creative plan for Mondays and Tuesdays. Ask for feedback on each course so you can gauge the response. This way you can implement new menu ideas into your weekend menu.

5. Build your database

We’re living in an age where people are now highly protective of their data – Facebook hitting the news due to data misuse and new GDPR regulatory measures to enforce customer data protection is making the marketing trickier but worth it if you do it correctly. Building a customer database is vital, and by asking for feedback, entering your competition or using your wifi, you can harvest opted-in customer data that you can use for future marketing.

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